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Kurtz had little use and even less respect for. He speaks of conflict within the human heart, of low morale out there in the bush , but these are just words and he is as insulated from the realities of the war as he can be. On his first visit to Vietnam, Kurtz saw something which led him to abandon a brilliant military career, where he was being groomed for a top slot in the Corporation , in favor of pure soldiery. Joining an elite fighting outfit he goes against the grain of the military institution. The native Vietnamese are not really developed as characters in either film. The shot of the peasants pressed up against the fence at the USO show in Apocalypse Now or the hookers, corpses and thieves of Full Metal Jacket do more to mystify than humanize them. One memorable scene in

Apocalypse Now is of the school children running for cover as the strains of Wagner break the silence of their morning. The long shots from on high of the villagers firing their pathetic, antiquated weapons as the helicopters circle and easily subjugate them, does much to show the material disparity between the two sides. Joker is in Vietnam, but Kurtz and Willard are of Vietnam, there really is no going back for them–this is summarized beautifully in metaphor by Kurtz when first he meets with Willard. From the shadows of the compound on his river, his wrinkled brow, bent, speaking of traveling on another, very different river in Ohio when he was a child: there was a gardenia plantation and it seemed as if heaven had come down to earth in the form of gardenias…of course it s

all overgrown now. There is no going back for either of these men after having confronted the horror and irrationality in the depths of their souls, in this way Vietnam has already killed them.