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Vietnam War Essay, Research Paper North Vietnam was battling for ownership of South Vietnam, so they could be a unified communist nation. To prevent the domino effect and further spread of communism, the USA troops in 1965 went into action against the Viet Cong until 1975. Not only did the greatest superpower in the world get bested by a third world nation, but also lost badly. Perhaps this war could have been won, or prevented in the first place. The USA could have and should have won this war, with a combination of better weapons usage, better tactics and better support from their home country. The First American combat troops in Vietnam landed at Da Nang in 8 March 1965 to defend the air base. With the exception of the nuclear weapon, every piece of equipment in America s

mighty arsenal was used in the war. The USA President Lyndon Johnson said Our goal was to deter and diminish the strength of the North Vietnamese aggressors and try to convince them to leave South Vietnam alone #. Johnson limited the conflict to an air war at first, hoping to pound away and push the Viet Cong into giving in. He used planes such as the B-52 bomber to try to win the war as quickly as possible. So he unleashed a continuous bombing raid on North Vietnam. This was the raid known as Operation Rolling Thunder . American scientist created an array of ultra-sensitive devices to detect the army. THE B-52 dropped bombs in large amounts of the defoliating gas, Agent Orange. Hundreds of millions of acres of jungle were destroyed and even fields of rice paddies were poisoned

because of Agent Orange. Agent Orange was supposed to eliminate the Viet Cong s advantageous hiding places, but it only turned the people the American s were fighting for against them even more. Yet another type of bomb was used. Napalm was also another mistake. By using a flammable jelly to literally burn up all of North Vietnam, the USA not only killed more civilians than soldiers, but also raised several ethnical questions. Weighing the consequences of using weapons such as napalm and Agent Orange, the USA quite possibly could have won the Vietnam War completely through the use of air power. More tonnage of ordinance was dropped in any given week during Vietnam than during all other wars in the history of the world combined. One would think this would make the war easy to win.

Unfortunately, ethical problems and lack of planning made it impossible to settle the war in the air, thus forcing the USA to invade with ground forces. American involvement in the war escalated of a frightening speed. President Johnson chose General Westoremland to command land forces in Vietnam. By 1967 Westmoreland commanded over 500,00 troops at the peak of war. On the tactics side, the entire US offensive used the essential comabat strategy of search and destroy missions. Search and destroy missions involved US soldiers soldiers going out of the base and finding then killing the enemy. Unfortunately the Viet Cong knew the land and knew where to hide. The Viet Cong set up booby traps, which meant the search and destroy missions was like throwing US soldiers away. For more US

soldiers were killed from booby traps than other cause of deaths in Vietnam. The difference between the Americans and the North Vietnam was the tactics. The Viet Cong were ruthless soldiers who used guerilla tactics. They would recruit children, tie themselves to trees, use babies as bait for booby traps, and other unethnical things. These and other fighting techniques such as strapping explosives to kids and having them run up to US soldiers, were a few of the toils US soldiers had to deal with. Weapons were another problem in Vietnam. The Americans weapons were useless in the dense jungle. The M-16, a revolutionary new infantry rifle, was prone to jams as well as water damaage. And in a country when it rains almost every day, was not good news. Also, US commanders