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Vietnam Essay:Weapons Used In The War Essay, Research Paper Vietnam Essay: Weapons Used in the War Many weapons have been used in many different wars. The Vietnam War is no different. At one point we had over 500,000 soldiers, field medics, officers, and medical staff. Many people died in this war, that was fought over to keep communism in check. Vietnam spurred many different weapons on both sides, varying in capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. As General William Wetmoreland once said, ?Aggressiveness, quick reaction, good use of firepower, and old fashioned American courage have produced outstanding results?” (Vietnam 60). Many weapons have been used for ground, air, and water assaults and Vietnam is no exception. The American infantry used a variety of weapons. The

standard issue gun was the M-16 which could be switched from semi-automatic firing to automatic firing. This was very useful in battle when you were low on ammo. Another weapon with the same features was the M-14 which could also be switched from semi-automatic to automatic. The M-60 was a very powerful machine gun. It was large and cumbersome, but was very useful in the fact that it was able to take out more men on the other side then the average M-16. Because of the fact that it was so large the biggest man in the unit was issued this, and only one was issued per unit. The M-60 was so heave one book stated, “Only capable of being handled by the largest man in the unit, it was nicknamed the ?The Pig? by it?s handlers in Vietnam, the M-60 was (and still is) a robust and

reliable weapon” (Vietnam 114). Another powerful weapon issued was the M-79, a grenade launcher. This weapon was capable of launching a grenade farther than a man, so it was more versatile. The one problem was the weight of the weapon and it?s ammo limited who could carry and fire this weapon. The Vietnamese used only one weapon mainly, and that was the AK-47. This weapon was made by the Soviets and was copied by the Chinese, who called it the Type 56. They also had homemade rifles that some of the civilians that wanted to fight used. These guns were inefficient and usually unreliable, leading to their owner?s to their deaths. In the skies the American?s dominated the Vietnamese. Not only did America have more types of aircrafts then the Vietnamese, America had sheer quantity

in the amounts of aircraft over the enemy. Americans had fighters, bombers, transportation, and gunship. The A-1 Skyraider was a very capable craft. It could carry the heaviest of bombs for much needed ground support, and it could also fly around for hours without refuelling if needed. Another Ship was the F-4 Phantom 2. This plane was very versatile, it was able not only to bring in bomber support but it was a decent fighter jet. Although fighter bombers usually come to a compromise of size and speed. This is because bombers are slower because they carry so many bombs, and fighters are fast for quick attacks on enemy aircrafts, the Phantom carried a heavy payload and was as fast as a fighter. This made it one of the most used fighter bombers in the war. Airships weren?t only

used for striking the enemy, but they were also used for transportation. This is were the jets came to an end, and helicopters came into their role. The Boeing Vertol CH-47 A Chinook was the most widely used transport helicopter in Vietnam. It was quick for it?s size and capable of carrying an entire unit to their destination faster then if they were hiking there. This isn?t the only thing helicopters do though, they were also very well designed to be gunship. They were capable of carrying rockets and machine guns. The best part of helicopters is that they could hover in one place, allowing for more accurate attacks. On of the more widely used attack helicopters was the Bell AH-IG Huey Cobra. They used these for a variety of missions, reconisence to assaults. The Vietnamese also