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see others hurt by unnecessary wars! In the preface of this book, Mr Hersh made a point to outline his sources. Everything in the book is a compilation of quotes from different people who participated in the massacre, and people who saw it. He published letters written by the GIs after the massacre (some of them I had seen in Zinn’s book too!). He printed public opinion polls of the time, and generally avoided printing his own opinion. However, as any book written, he definitely projected the event as a negative occurrence; but, with as little of his own printed opinion as possible. Also at the end of the book, there is a notes section. If a quote or fact was really in question, he has all of his sources are listed. This was a good-read. A very serious situation was wrote

about, in a way that there was nothing but quotes and facts presented. At the same time, it was INTERESTING! I was able to read half the book in an afternoon easily! However, the only thing I would change, if I wrote the book would be the EMOTION behind it. I have studied the Vietnamese culture myself from other books … I want to know how THEY feel and believe. This side was not presented; but, because of personal knowledge, his information was very useful. Without a doubt, I would recommend this book to anyone who supports wars or the Army in general. Too many people are isolated from what war IS, and how it effects civilians. Perhaps it would force today’s ignorant people to THINK about our recent “police action:” DESERT STORM. For some reason (the Media), nobody thinks

that anyone DIED! I love the last line in the book: “The people didn’t know what they were dying for, and the guys didn’t know why they were shooting them.” Quote: Carter, Soldier in Charlie Company.