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Vietmanes Culture/American Culture Essay, Research Paper Vietnamese Culture/ American Culture Being a Vietnamese-American is very tough on me, because I have to deal with two different cultures and traditions. My parents were brought up in a different culture therefore it is hard for them to adapt to a new one. I live and I am influenced by the American culture. My friends, my school, the television, the radio, and the Internet are some examples of the everyday things that influence me. On the other hand, my parents try very hard to raise me the best way they can and they do that by raising me the only way they know how. They bring me up the same way they were brought up. I understand that it is very difficult to adopt a new way and style of teaching but it is also very

difficult and frustrating for me to try and understand their teaching style when I am taught otherwise at school. The Vietnamese tradition is that parents are always correct no matter what. My opinions and ideas would not matter to them. If they believe I did something wrong I would not have a chance to explain, I must apologize immediately and except the punishment. Nevertheless the children will have very much respect towards their parents. Obedience is everything to the Vietnamese people and heart to heart talks are seldom brought about. Parents would hardly ever talk to their children and punishments are most likely enforced with the whip. Advice is rarely given and overall it is a very strict culture. Parents would select the marriage. From whom it is going to be to whom is

going to attend. Bringing honor to the family is the most important thing. All Vietnamese families compete for good reputation. To the Vietnamese tradition parents own their children. They can do whatever they please to their children and the public would not care. However, the American traditions are rather different. Children have their rights of speech. Parents would often want to get involved in their children?s lives. Frequent talks about drugs, sex, and violence help American children go about life more easily. They know the danger that lies ahead and have a chance to prepare and avoid it. Trust is also practiced in American homes. This brings a close bond to the family. Helping parents and their children understand each other more comfortably. Child abuses and child

neglecting is a very serious issue to the American people. There are programs and laws to help end child abuse and neglecting. Children?s futures are also important. The American culture believes that American children holds the key to the future, therefore schools and education is required. Although both cultures are very different they have some similarities. They both believe that hard work and effort will lead you to success. Goals are set in both cultures and expectations from parents are always high but not impossible to reach. Parents always want what is best for their children and they do what they can to help their children accomplish their goals. May it be by advising them or just guiding them in the right direction, parents are the foundation that provide the children

with love and support. Which is like a helping hand assisting us one step at a time up the ladder of life. I am very fortunate to have parents, who may seem clueless to this ?new? culture, but they struggle to make my life easy in the future. In my family we blend both traditions. My parents try to enforce rules that would apply to me rather then to what they feel is right to do. They are not as involved in my life as I would want them to, but they would talk to me about drugs and other issues they feel are important. We are not close like families on televisions but occasionally we spend time together. We still have problems with communications because I can not fully express myself in Vietnamese and it is the same for them. I excuse them for not understanding me at times and