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Because Shylock is a Jew he is treated very bad he is kicked and called a dog and many times he is referred to as the devil, although Shylock seems to just let this go over his head he would not like this because he is a very religious person and he would not like to be referred to as the Devil. Because of the way Shylock is treated all through his life he has become very vengeful and he is very stereotypical towards Antonio and other Christians he blames all of them for his race´s problems even though it may not be all Christians that are racist towards the Jews and he says Christians have persecuted his race when he says “To bait fish withal. If it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge…The villainy you teach me I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will

better the instruction.” Shylock gets worse and he takes Antonio to court over his bond, this is showing that Shylock is the true villain of the play even though he is subjected to racism all his life these actions show that Shylock really is the villain in the play. Shylock mistreats Antonio because he is Christian, Shylock does not even know Antonio but as soon as he sees him he assumes that he is bad just because he is a Christian, Shylock says, “How like a fawning publican he looks! I hate him because he is Christian” Shylock is stereotyping Antonio just because he is Christian and even though Shylock thinks he is the one who is on the receiving end of racism he is also giving it out. I think religion has affected the way people treat Antonio because he is hated by

shylock simply because he is a Christian, Shylock does not even give Antonio a chance and judges him on the little bit about him that he knows, I think he has a lot of Christian friends and that they certainly would not be friends with him if he was not a Christian. I think both Shylock and Antonio are treated like they are inferior simple because they are a member of one religion, this still goes on today and people are fighting just because there beliefs are different. I feel that Shylock is most definitely the villain of “The Merchant of Venice” he goes to far when he takes Antonio to court he mistreats to many people and the asks for mercy in court, although sometimes he may have been ganged up on by Christians in court and throughout the play he should not have gone so

far, he could have just walked away with a lot more money but instead he tries to use Antonio as a scapegoat for his revenge, he should not have done this and even though he has been subjected to anti-Semitism all his life it is no excuse for attempting to take another mans life.