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love” Antonio replies with “Fie, Fie” meaning nonsense. Shylock must not have had a very good relationship with his daughter for her to run off with all his money. It is understandable for his daughter to run away from shylock because she is in love with a Christian, but for her to run away with all his money shylock must not have had a very good relationship with her, she swapped his most cherished possession, a ring that Shylock gave to Jessica´s mother in Frankfurt for a monkey. This is very nasty and deliberate and just shows she wanted to hurt Shylock. From reading the text we can see that shylock was keeping Jessica as a prisoner in her own house, by not letting her out and not letting her hear the Christian music around her he says to her “Lock up my doors; and

when you hear the drum. But stop my house’s ears-I mean casements. Let not the sound of shallow fopp’ry enter my sober house.” Jessica hates the way Shylock treats her and calls Shylock Satan. Shylock does not love his daughter enough and he even complains when he has to pay someone to find her so he can get his money back. Antonio does not seem to have much family but he treats Bassanio like he is part of his family as far as we see in the play he is the closest thing to a family for Antonio and Antonio seems like a very lonely businessman. Shylock does not seem to have any friends as he treats everyone as if he was superior to them, he has pushed all his friends away by treating them bad and even his daughter has left him, he treated Launcelot bad by talking behind his

back about his laziness “The patch is kind enough, but a huge feeder, Snail-slow in profit, and he sleeps by day More than the wildcat. Drones hive not with me. . His borrowed purse.” Antonio seems bitter and finds it difficult expressing his emotions at first, but he seems to like Bassanio very much, and he even lets him use his name to get credit even when he owes Antonio money. Antonio seems to like Bassanio differently to his other friends and he seems to love him and want to see no harm done to him. Antonio has lots of friends as you can see at the beginning of the play when they are all concerned about him and this gives the impression that he must be likeable for him to have friends but his friends could just be pretending to like him for his money and this could be

why he feels he can´t confide in them and tell them what is upsetting him so much. Shylock is a very powerful businessman and he feels himself superior to anyone else especially Christians, he is a very greedy man using the bible as a source of interest to collect more money, Antonio says “Mark you this, Bassanio, The devil can cite scripture for his purpose. An evil sole, producing holy witness, is like a villain with a smiling cheek, a goodly apple rotten at the heart.” Shylock likes to think he is a very powerful man and he is obsessed with power and money. Antonio seems to be a very powerful merchant but is not as greedy as Shylock Antonio is generous and is willing to pay back Thrice the loan to Shylock. Antonio is a kind and generous man but he agrees to the pound of

flesh deal being very naive that his ships will return safely. Antonio is very powerful in the community as he can easily get credit when he wants it even though he does not like to use it he says “Shylock, albeit I neither lend nor borrow” and then he says “Yet, to supply the ripe wants of my friend, ill break a custom.” here Antonio is showing that he is a very generous and kind man and although at first he may have seemed hard I think that he is a very good man and cares very much about other people especially Bassanio. Antonio also suggest that men may look perfect, but deep inside, they acquire negative characteristics. I think that Shylocks religion does not affect his behaviour very much at all I think he just uses it to make money and he hides behind it, although

he thinks his religion is the superior one and that anyone who thinks different is inferior to him. Although he is subject to racial abuse because of his beliefs this could affect him and therefore showing that his religion has affected his behaviour because he will think differently about other religions and stereotype them saying that they all hate him because he is Jewish. I think that religion has affected Antonio and he also feels that his religion is superior to others he says “The Hebrew will turn Christian; he grows kind.” I think he says this because he thinks that no Jews are kind and that he thinks that because Shylock Is being kind then he must be turning into a Christian, this is evidence that Antonio thinks that Christianity is superior to any other religion.