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main vet will work from 6am-9pm. The secretary works from 7am-9pm, and the assistant will work from 7am-6pm, or around school hours. For our customers we open at 6am and close at 8:30pm. We will be in the office Monday through Saturday. If our clients need us before or after hours they call the main vet. The charge will be a flat fee with possible addition of late or farm fees. Our business is part of a very large amount of other veterinary businesses. So we have many other veterinary offices to compete with for clients. Our largest competitor would be the Black Hawk office in Cheney. We don?t have any competition in Spangle so we would be the only one there. The advantage to this is all the people in Spangle wouldn?t have to go all the way over to Cheney to have a vet look at

their pet, because now they could just go drive a mile and they would be there. There are those people who will go all the way over there so I have to make sure to make my business the best. In our office building we will provide hot coffee, hot cocoa, juice, and cookies for our customers who come in or who are waiting. Our customers will leave with a smile or at least a happy thought because our vet will also be able to counsel them incase something terrible happens. Any one can bring a pet or animal into us. Be them 2-102 years old. They don?t have to be working they just have to own an animal. They can come from where ever they live. We will reach our customers through Media Advertising. Our name and phone number, address and Internet address will be in the yellow pages. We

will also advertise in the local paper and on the Internet at our own web site.