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Veterinary Assistant Essay, Research Paper A veterinarian is one who is qualified and authorized to treat diseases and injuries of animals. Veterinarians are employed by wildlife preserves, animal parks, zoos, and aquatic installations. Federal, state, and city governments also yse veterinarians in the research and treatment of animal diseases which may be spread to humans. Veterinary Training includes two to four years of college, plus four years at an approved college of veterinary medicine. A licensing examination must be passed before practicing veterinary medicine. There are about twenty-one veterinary colleges in the United States. About 1,400 people graduate from these colleges every year. These people are skilled in in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of

animal health problems. There are many different forms of veterinary practice, though 70% limit their practice to small animals or household pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.. Some veterinarians specialize in farm animals (horses, cows, etc.) and are said to have a large animal practice. A veterinarian in a general practice treats all animals. There are also many fields of employment available to veterinary practitioners. These include: research-experimentation with new drugs, therapies, and procedures that will be later be used on animals and/or humans industry-development of medications, vaccines, and feeds and studying the effect of animal nutrition on health Armed Forces-inspection of meat, food, and facilities, the study of the effects of space travel on animals, the study of

nuclear effects on animals public health-study and prevention of the transmission of diseases from animal to animal or from animal to human, inspection of restaurant food governmental agencies-safeguarding ports of entry into the United States, reporting incidence of disease, epidemic prevention teaching-teaching at colleges and universities zoos and wildlife management-maintenance and reproduction of species in appropriate surroundings agriculture-prevention and treatment of disease in work/food-producing animals, raising and caring for animals for profit (breeding, etc.) pets-safeguarding animal and human health through detection and prevention of disease specialty disease-restriction to a certain species (veterinarians who work at racetracks, etc.) A veterinary assitant is

anyone working for a veterinarian. They may be called veterinary assitants, animal technicians, or animal hospital technicians but all assist veterinarians, scientists, and research workers. Technicians need patience, tact, compassion, and the ability to work and interact well with animals as well as people. As the number of veterinarians increases and the practice grows more and more complex, the need for skilled animal technicians increases greatly. An assitants duties vary with his or her job. In a general private practice, veterinary assitants prepare patients and equipment for surgery, take X-rays, collect specimens, dress wounds, perform lab tests, clean cages and pens, communicate with pet owners, feed patients, answer telephones, schedule appointments, perform clerical

duties, and assist in diagnostic and medical procedures. Veterinary assitants may be employed in the same work settings as veterinarians. Other employment opportunities are veterinary clinics, humane societies, zoos, meat packing companies, pharmeceutical companies, feed manufacturers, research facilities, and governmental agencies. A veterinary assitant may recieve on-the-job training or have an associate degree from a junior college. Training for an Animal Technician, Registered (A.T.R.), requires two years. An Associate Degree of Applied Science is issued when the work is completed. For certification, the technician must pass an examination given by the Laboratory Animal Techinician Certification Board, sponsored by the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science