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Verbal/Emotional Abuse Essay, Research Paper Verbal and Emotional Abuse Verbal or emotional abuse is a very serious matter that millions of people suffer from each and every day. This kind of abuse is very hard on both the abuser and the victim because of the devastating results it has on the people?s emotions and everything they do. In America today there are one to two million people suffering from this kind of abuse. Verbal or emotional abuse, is when a person, the abuser, tries to make his or her own self feel better by putting down a certain individual, the victim. The longer this goes on, the harder it is for the victim to recover his or her self-esteem. Verbal or emotional abuse are put downs that happen on a regular basis from one particular person, usually done in

private. These put downs are mostly insults that tell you that you are no good. These phrases, ?You are Ugly,? ?You don?t deserve to live,? Its your fault,? are examples of verbal or emotional abuse. The abuser persuades the victim to make them believe something that is untrue and harmful by using words. They use these words to attack, hurt, injure someone, or to gain power over them. These kinds of abuse, performed by the abuser, are done for various reasons. The abuser may have such low self-esteem, that they use these hurtful put downs to make themselves feel better, by highering their own self-esteem. They may also get some sort of cruel pleasure or enjoyment out of seeing other people suffer. When the abuser is confronted with verbally or emotionally abusing someone they

just deny it. Another reason a person would verbally or emotionally abuse someone, is because they believe they are behaving normally and are unaware that they are really hurting the victim with these powerful words. The victims in emotional and verbal abuse situations, usually are not the ones to identify they are being abused. They usually find out about this after seeking professional help because of signs of depression and uncontrollable mood swings, usually crying. The counselors or Psychologist, can usually detect a case of this kind of abuse when the victim constantly feels worthless and has no control over emotional outbursts. When the abuser uses these hateful suggestions on the victim, it rips their self-esteem apart, as well as their emotions. They also began to feel

that it is their own fault that they are getting verbally or emotionally abused, because the abuser puts this effect on the victim. The victim?s confidence drops and feels the abuser has complete control over them. In these abusive situations, it is hard for the victim to seek out help, because they are unaware of the abuse happening to them. Usually an observer of this abuse has to refer the victim and let them know what is actually happening to them. But once you get help life only gets easier from there, because the counselor or psychologist will teach you ways to deal with these hurtful words; this way it doesn?t have such a great effect on you and your emotions. Verbal or emotional abuse is the hardest type of abuse to recover from. Unlike physical and sexual abuse, which

you eventually get over, emotional or verbal abuse sticks with you forever. It only takes accidental words to bring back this tearful and painful experience.