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the real agony of sin is not in its commission or in relieving it publicly, but rather living in dread that it should be discovered. He spends seven years secretly needling the priest and breaking him down. In the end, Chillingworth is perceived as a ruined and evil man. He spent so much time concentrating on the impairing of another that he was corrupted both morally and emotionally. Vengeance is proven to be an appalling and ruinous thing throughout these two novels, The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible. Its effects can be shown both on a whole society and on a single person. The vengeance sought by devoutly religious persons or societies tends to be disguised as righteous or even necessary, and damages other citizens as well as the whole of the society. It would be sound advice

to observe and study these effects and avoid becoming victims of vengeance for envy and personal gain in one?s society today. 368