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VCR Vs. DVD Essay, Research Paper The world was amazed when the first motion picture was made. People came from all over the world to see the first silent movie. Again, people were astonished when they added sound. Finally, when people were able to bring this technology home with them, they were in awe. Everyone needed to have it. It was a messy situation when things went wrong. Then came the technology of videocassettes. This revolutionized the home movie industry. And made it easier without the mess. Just recently, technology released another form of a move player. The DVD is the newest addition to the world of home entertainment. At this time the two major machines are the VCR and the DVD players. As technology progresses the VCR will be obsolete and the DVD will wipe out

the VCR as the VCR wiped out the Projector. The major factors that differentiate the two are Audio, Picture, special features, availability, and price. The first factor in the two machines is audio quality. The audio quality of the DVD is superior. It has digital quality, the best possible sound. The VCR has the ability to produce at best Stereo sound. Although, stereo sound was a huge accomplishment for its time. The battle was clearly won by the DVD, but the VCR is close behind. The next difference is the picture quality. The DVD has better picture. But this difference is not noticed to a novice home movie viewer. To the untrained eye the VCR has the same quality as a DVD. The DVD is rendered in digital quality this allows for more pixels per inch. Where as the VCR is analog

quality. It is a small difference but the difference will be noticed when you return to the VCR. The special features of the DVD part dramatically from the VCR. The DVD does many great and different qualities. Have you ever tried to fast-forward the video to your favorite part or past the previews? Only to have your VCR eat up the cassette. Well the DVD doesn?t have tape to eat up and by a click of a button the next chapter is already playing. Also the DVD can display subtitles in five different languages. Some DVD movies have special features to allow the viewer to see interviews with directors, actors and so on. The only advantage of the VCR is that it may record on cassettes. On the other hand the technology is just around the corner where DVD?s will soon be recordable. The

DVD is a major accomplishment to the movie viewer industry. There are many DVD?s out on the market. A person can go to almost any major electronics store and find the DVD of their liking. Recently, most video rental stores also have a large selection of DVD movies. In the past two years the variety of DVD?s has hit the shelves. By the week the more and more movies are put on the shelves. The price of the two machines a little bit different. Unfortunately, the DVD is a bit more expensive than a VCR. The average price of a DVD player is about 250.00. Where the averages price of a VCR is about 110.00. DVD Movies cost about five dollars more than a videocassette. But I am sure you are familiar with the saying, you get what you pay for. The DVD player revolutionized the way we watch

movies. Instead of judging a movie on it actors and plot, we also take its consideration the effects and the realistic sound. As technology allows us to pass up previews and feel the action in our living rooms you can?t help to think, ?What?s next?? Will we be the super hero or villain in a virtual world. All we really know is the present and a DVD is the best way to watch a movie at home.