Values For Me Values For You Essay

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Values For Me, Values For You Essay, Research Paper Values for Me, Values for You Values are everywhere. For the most part, however, values are part of society and are what defines people?s reputation. Indeed this is true in Charles Dickens?, A Tale of Two Cities, where the values of Lucie Manette, Sydney Carton, and Madame Defarge define who they are. Lucie Manette?s reputation is of caring person. She is caring because she values her husband, Charles Darnay, and motherhood. For instance, everyday when Darnay was captured in the Bastille, all Lucie did was worry for his welfare. This illustrates her carcinogens because she is too consumed with him. This also shows she is a great mother. In addition to valuing Charles, she values motherhood. For example, Lucie?s daughter

pesters her with questions about where her father, Charles, will come home. Although, Lucie must fib, she is protecting her child. This shows she values motherhood because she does not want her child to think lowly of her father. Lastly, Lucie protects her child from the Defarges. This is evident she is a good mother because, as for Charles?s welfare, she wants to protect hers. This illustrates her toughness, although, that is another story. Because Lucie values Charles and motherhood, she is a caring person. In addition to Lucie, there is Sydney Carton, a lawyer, who is confused. He values love, alcohol, and death. Sydney values love the least, but nonetheless, value it. For example, Sydney, on numerous occasions, vowed his love to Lucie and told her that he would do anything

for her, even if that meant taking his life t save Lucie?s husband, Charles Darnay. This shows he values love because he is willing to die for her. There is evidence he values love because he also loves his alcohol, which is one of his values. Sydney does value alcohol. For instance, he is frustrated that Charles is married to Lucie. To make himself feel better, he ?drinks? away his frustration. This illustrates he values alcohol because he does this all the time. Valuing alcohol also signifies him valuing love because he loves alcohol. Finally, Sydney values death. For example he dies because he feels he has little to lose. This illustrates that he is a person who gives up because nothing is going his way. This is also evident that he must drink alcohol. Therefore, Sydney is

confused because he values love, alcohol, and death. Furthermore, Madame Defarge, a revolutionist, whose reputation is a demonic person, values revenge and death. Defarge tremendously values revenge. One example is Defarge strategically planned the capture of Darnay into the Bastille because his ancestors did wrong to her ancestors. This shows she is demonic because she strategically planned his capture. Although he was captured, the revenge she wanted was death. Defarge also values death. For example she was in favor of Charles getting his head chopped off from the guillotine. This illustrates her value of death because his death is what she wanted in the first place. It also is evident of her revenge. Lastly, to show her value of death, she killed herself in pursuit of Lucie?s

daughter. This shows her demonic ways because she wanted her daughter dead or she dies trying. Only a person like Defarge would do this. Thus, Madame Defarge is a demonic person because she values revenge and death. Therefore, Lucie?s, Sydney?s, and Defarge?s reputation are the way they are because of their values. Just like these three people, society is judged by what we value. Unlike, Madame Defarge and Sydney Carton, society must imitate Lucie?s values. Then society will be full of better people.