Values Essay Research Paper A value is

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Values Essay, Research Paper A value is a social principle goal, or standard held by an individual, class, or society. Values are shaped by the surrounding situations. The Industrial Revolution created new values in Western society, values that are central to our thinking today. Three things from the Industrial Revolution that directly affected people’s values were the creation of the middle class, the urbanization of cities, and the growth of rights for women. The Industrial Revolution was the first time when the middle class appeared. The Industrial Revolution was what made the middle class a recognizable group. The people in the middle class had their goals and shaped their values around them. The major goal of the middle class was to be like the higher or “old

money” class. The shaped their values so that they could achieve this desired position. They strictly enforced manners and rigidity, making sure that all members always acted in the utmost respectful way. Also they tried to make their lives as controllable as possible and because children were the most unpredictable thing they believed strongly in the principle that children should be seen and not heard. The urbanization of cities also had an affect on the values of people. During the Industrial Revolution cities became more and more urban. This shifted people’s focus away from country life and more towards city life. People’s values were originally based on home life in the country, but as life shifted to the cities values also shifted. Family became less important. People

focused more on getting the money because it was there. They also needed to get money to buy things this is how consumerism came about. Consumerism became the most important value to people. Woman also made their position known in society. Women struggled for their rights. They had certain values that they wanted society to accept. The worked hard for suffrage and equality in the work place. These were the values that were forced upon society just by the sheer volume of women supporting them. If not for the Industrial Revolution women would not have known what they were missing and thus would still be living sheltered lives. The industrial Revolution created new values for people that still influence life today. Values created by the Industrial Revolution such as women’s

suffrage, consumerism, and life styles of the middle class are all things still valued today. The values that are held today will stay with the people because they have been accepted and practiced. Values are not changed that much and as long as people keep living their lives they will be basing them on the same values as long as they are convenient.