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for the job described. WANTED A “GOD” 1. Name 2. Sex 3. Age 4. Address 5. Educational Qualifications 6. Qualities 7. Goal 8. Achievement B. Do the following exercise on ME and MY GOD. Answer the following Exercises: 1. When did you first feel God’s presence? How did you feel his presence? 2. Describe your God in the following aspects: a. Physical b. Social c. Spiritual d. Values e. Attitudes 3. What attribute of God do you find most meaningful? Why? 4. How does this attribute affect your actions in the following places: a. home b. school c. community d. world 5. Have you shown this attribute of God towards others? When? Why? 6. What other attributes of God have you shown towards others? When? Why? 7. Why can we identify some attributes of God in us? EXERCISE C: 1. Do the

following exercises: A. Press the tips of your fingers, your palms and then move the palm from facing each other or away from each other. This may vary in distances. The movement may like that of playing an accordion. During the process feel the positive energy coming from