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__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ b. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ c. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________ d. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ THE FILIPINO -KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH GOD INTRODUCTION Man has progressed so much in the different aspects of life. He has invented so many things to make living an easier task. Inspite of all the advancement man has made, all these things are not enough to make him happy. Why is this so? Man do not find meaning of his existence with the presence of things that satisfy only his senses. JOURNEYING INTO ONESELF Check the statements

that are true to you. __________ 1. I find fulfillment when I am able to bring all the things I need for a party. ___________2. I am extra happy when I’m dressed much better than my friends. ___________3. I see my life important when I am able to realize I am doing God’s will. ____________4. I am convinced that life was meant to be happy for everyone, so I do my share in making others have a better life. _____________5. When I was born, what I would become had already been destined. ____________ 6. Life gives man all the opportunities to find out what it really means to be a person. ____________ 7. Seeing my family having the best in life tells me the real meaning of life. ___________ 8. Being able to feel the presence of the Supreme Being, responsible for everything present

in the world, brings a kind of happiness. EXERCISE A: Here are some oriental exercises developed in order to commune with God. They enable a man to recollect himself and bring his being to touch God. TAICHI Everyone has a touch of Chinese in him on this attribute of making of his bodily movement for reflection, meditation leads to communion or getting in touch with God. DIRECTIONS: Read the following directions and do a modified Taichi meditational exercise. 1. If it is possible, play a tune similar to the beat and rhythm of the things and non living things in nature. Think of how the bird flies, the water flow gently in a stream, the gentle breeze blowing among the trees. 2. Together with the music or with picturesque statements, one starts to move in consonance with different

nature movements. 3. Things to remember: a. Always put the palms opposite each other. b. Feel the energies vibrating from each palm in every movement. 4. The leader maybe chosen and the members of the group mirrors his actions. 5. Look at the diagram below and make your formation as shown below. 6. Leader: The Leader starts and ends with these exercises: a. Stand Straight. Lift your right foot forward and simultaneously bring both arms forward. Clinch the right palm and bring it with force to the left palm but without sound. Do these movements as slowly as you can to make the mind concentrate on the movements. b. The leader now emulates the different movements in nature in a creative way. Things to remember for the leader: 1. Always put the palms facing each other. 2. Do the

movements very slowly. 3. Start from a low position and bring it to a highest or farthest position. c. The leader may show the movements of the following nature: 1. rainbow (do 3x clockwise and 3x counterclockwise) 2. pushing the waves 3. holding the clouds 4. catching the leaves 5. wind blowing among the trees d. The leader may show the movements of the following: 1. judo 2. karate 3. basketball 4. baseball Do each three times using the left extremities, then with the right. e. The leader should remind the participants to always be conscious of the energy emitted by the body parts nearing contact while concentrating on the parts of the body being moved. EXERCISE B: A. Let us do an IMAGINARY JOB HUNTING. Look at this job advertisement. Write a BIODATA so that you can be accepted