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chessboard became the whole world; he was completely concentrated on it. Later, as his opponent’s position crumbled, he looked at him. He saw a face of intelligence and honesty, worn with years of austerity and effort. He thought of his own worthless life, and a wave of compassion came over him. He deliberately made wrong moves, ruining his position and leaving himself defenseless. Then without any warning, the Master upset the board. The two contestants sat motionless and did not know what to do. “There is no winner and no loser,” said the Master slowly, “there is no head to fall here. Only two things are necessary,” and he turned to the young man, “complete concentration, and compassion. You have today learned them both. Now stay here for a while and pursue our

training in this spirit and your enlightenment is sure.” The rich young man did so and got it. 1. In the way how the rich young man talked in the beginning, in what stage of moral and spiritual development was he? 2. How was he led to the last stage of moral development? Why do you think he learned to be in the last stage? Did you like the way the Master helped him grow to maturity in his moral and spiritual development? Why? CONCEPT FORMATION “Universal Principles” are the best guides to lead an individual to a path, to what God meant his life to be. A person’s life should be lived with human dignity and respect for human rights. When these two have become guides for actions, then, one has truly started to mature morally and spiritually. APPLICATION 1. Cite occasions

wherein you felt happy because you were in stage 6. “Universal principles” a. ________________________________________________________ b. ________________________________________________________ c. ________________________________________________________ d. ________________________________________________________ e. ________________________________________________________ 2. Cite occasions wherein you felt sad, because you were in the stages from 1 to 3. a. ________________________________________________________ b. ________________________________________________________ c. ________________________________________________________ d. ________________________________________________________ e. ________________________________________________________ 3. Cite ways to grow in

your moral and spiritual development. a. ________________________________________________________ b. ________________________________________________________ c. ________________________________________________________ d. ________________________________________________________ e. ________________________________________________________ EVALUATION Explain in your own words and give a behaviour that will give a better understanding of the words. MeaningBehavior Me Alone- Me First- Good Boy/Nice Girl- Law and Order- Social Contract - Universal Principles- COMMITMENT I will consciously use Universal Principles as my guide to behavior. Give an action for each value: Action 1. Respect for the dignity of the individual _______________________________

_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 2. Respect for human rights __________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3. Justice __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ LESSON 2 THE STRENGTH OF THE INNER SELF INTRODUCTION There is a need to find out where one is in the development of his inner self. Knowing where one is would lead one to improve. After identifying the cause of being in a certain stage where he

should not be, he then is able to diagnose himself and set a goal to move ahead or forward in the development of his inner self or his “ego”. ERICKSON’S EIGHT AGES OF MAN’S EGO DEVELOPMENT Success bringsFailure brings 1st age Early Infancy (birth to about one year) (corollary to Freudian oral sensory stage) Basic Trustvs.Mistrust Result of affection and gratification ofResult of consistent abuse, neglect, needs, mutual recognition.deprivation of love; too early or harshness, weaning, autistic isolation. 2nd Age Later Infancy (About ages one to three) (Corollary to Freudian muscular anal stage) Autonomyvs.Shame and Doubt Child views self as person in his ownFeels inadequate, doubts self, curtails Right apart from parents but stilllearning basic skills like walking,