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VALUES EDUCATION Essay, Research Paper PREFACE The moral development of the Filipino youth is very crucial. Changes in society in terms of social responsibility, honesty, integrity, and justice need to be hastened. Regime after regime has come and gone but the Filipino has not taken stock himself and decisively say, “I am for God, therefore, all my actions should support this conviction of mine.” This fourth year Values Education Book recognizes the wisdom of the “Department of Education, Culture and Sports” to embark on a cognitive learning of values leading to the affective domain ending in the values being concretized in daily living. The main concept of spirituality that would result in something concrete to guide the Filipino is, “Spirituality, religiosity is

faith embodied in and expressed through culture.” (Jose M. de Mesa, 1991) Faith is the response a Filipino makes to the gift of life and love that he has received from the Almighty. The book starts from helping the students know themselves and their capacity for spiritual growth. The opportunities for this spirituality to grow are also presented. He is given the joy to know that his culture is very rich in leading him to achieve the fullness of his being a man. Concepts to build a man, a community, a society and a world characterized with the values of truth, justice, unity and peace are presented. Nationalism is also developed not as separate from spirituality but integral in the development of the morality of a person. We all need to forge our minds, hearts and deeds to reach

the destiny, which the Almighty has for our country, our world and our fellowmen. This book is a small contribution to our nation’s ardent desire for moral recovery and the big leap to hurdle it is your conviction to grow in all aspects of your humanity – the most important aspects morally and spiritually. The competencies the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) has set for the Values Education is the basis of all the concepts and strategies presented in this book. From the Author UNIT I The adolescent lives his life according to the philosophies he has developed. Going through the lessons leads the student to know more of himself. Knowing his self who has always been loved and cared for by God is a strong means of developing growth in spirituality. Positive and

negative ways are discovered in the activities. The identification of the reasons for his way of life and seeing the source of all of them are always helpful to grow into a self – fulfilled person. Spirituality anchored in the trust and love of God develops a self who does not take the pains to improve and grow according to God’s plan for everyone. LESSON 1 MATURITY AND SPIRITUALITY INTRODUCTION A person’s spirituality grows just like any part of his physical self. JOURNEYING INTO ONESELF Check the statements that show a maturing personality. 1.______________ I am the center of all attention. 2.______________ My friend’s opinions matter. 3.______________ I should be attended to always. 4.______________ My opinions are always the best. 5.______________ Others have to be

heard also. 6.______________ If it does not satisfy me it is not good. 7.______________ I must always be rewarded for the good thing I do. 8.______________ I feel good being called a good student. 9.______________ I have to do my share in society. Did you check items 2, 5, and 9? Why these items show someone growing in both spiritual and moral aspects of life? Why do you think you checked them? Why did you not check them? Are you satisfied that you haven’t grown much in your spiritual and moral development? Can you improve on them? How? MORAL AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT (Adapted from Piaget & Langer-Werner and applied to Kohlberg’s Stage of Moral Development) ________________________________________________________________________ An interaction between the individual’s