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would be that the youth?s would teach their elder?s, break the mold, and eventually get society back to the way it was. However there are still a few more possible outcomes. Although this is way out on a limb, it was seen in Cambodia, although in a completely different environment, when Pol Pot and the Kamerouge took over. There was a bunch of 12 and 13 year old kids killing their parents and relatives just because of the fact that they were told they were doing the right thing for their country, and had to follow through on these acts. Others committed these horrific crimes simply because it gave them, the youth, the bottom of the barrel, the ability to call the shots. Regardless of how you think of it, in the end you always get screwed. In this case it may be a little more

severe and sci-fi than the Utopian Societies that Plato and Confucius create. However, if you really closely examine any of these philosopher?s societies, you will easily spot at least one point that makes it so you can pick at and tear apart the whole infrastructure. Once you begin to progress further and further down you line, you eventually end up with settings such as that seen in ?Harrison Bergeron? or my example. It will always deplete and deplete until one day you eventually collapse into vast nothingness. Just like any other society does at one point or another. However the crash of a Utopian society would inevitably far more disastrous than that of a normal economy. For in the Utopian Society, everything is inter-dependent and cannot function without every other piece of

the society. Once these people are put back into real societies where work ethic and beating the other man to the job is key. This disqualifies the idea that someone might try to say that the end of a ?supposed Utopia? brings about the formation of a ?natural Utopia? because all of these people now realize their place in the world, but can not bring themselves to intentionally wrong another person simply for their own financial benefit, obviously you would never learn about these skills in a utopian society where everything is sharing, you?re now tossed into a world you?re completely unprepared for, and the possible consequences are unheard of. Getting back to the main theme, I suppose it is necessary that I admit that there have been numerous ideas of a potential Utopian Society

that with the right direction, and the right mind set of everyone with-in the group. However, although I believe that it is impossible to even try to ponder the right guidelines to set down, (thus assuming your perception of good and bad is the correct one) if I personally had to choose between Plato and Confucius? perfect society, I would say that Confucius? society would be more intriguing to me. I must admit though, that Plato brings up many interesting ideas on how things should be done. The idea of separating you from your family is in a way a potentially good thing. If you?re trying to live in a society where your sole responsibility is to ?The Republic?, your government and society. Through known connections with other?s, i.e. siblings, parents, and grandparents, you may

be forced to make a decision out of care for them, or reflective of their wishes. In doing so you would be in a way, going against ?The Republic? and everything that it stood for. To me, another interesting part of ?The Republic? is the fact that thinking and philosophizing is such a big part of life. This makes me really question the whole infrastructure that Plato?s ideas rest on. Through years of thought and careful observation Plato was able to create what he thought to be the perfect society. However, if this whole idea of a perfect world came out of one man and his deepest thoughts, then what happens when you put multiple heads together? The results are catastrophic. Now imagine a whole society pondering things that have potential danger to ?The Republic?. These theories

and beliefs may replace the old, even if it isn?t supposed to happen, and then Plato himself could end up stuck in a society where all of his thoughts and teachings have been quieted, and now the voice of the people shall over power. To me, Confucius ideas spark many interesting questions. First of all, the base of which Confucius created his whole lifestyle and way life is based around family. In Confucius? Utopia the most important part of life is the respect and servitude to those who deserve it, i.e. father, grandfather, or uncle. The value of your life is not based on the type of good deeds you?ve done, but rather it is based on your loyalty to your family, and knowing your role in this world. A quote from the book, Confucius the Analects, seen in Volume II, Book IV, chapter