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Utopian Society Essay, Research Paper Utopia? In my opinion, it is virtually impossible to design a utopian society. Although the principles you base your society may have the potential, if the rest of life in that society is modified enough so that all those in the society introduced to this idea or principle will take it as reality and apply it to their everyday life, thus allowing them to fit the mold of the perfect person in the perfect society; then how can anyone consider complete equality between all people, truly perfection. It is at this point where I truly began to see the impossibility of a Utopian society. Although I have always thought it would be cool to live in a perfect world, where there were no problems and everything was easy in life, I would rather live in

a world full of users and abusers where I still have the power of free thought. For the most part, the majority of Utopian Societies makes less of the brain capacity of those with any sort of intelligence, and keeps everyone trapped in a world where they have been programmed to do as the society, or in Plato?s work ?The Republic?, tells them to. In actuality, the founders of this perfect society have simply thought of a way to make everyone believe that through equaling everything out we will all be able to succeed at whatever we want. Or so the founders want us to believe. Once they get everyone to the point where thought outside of the present and ?now? is impossible because our brains have depleted so much and have been massaged to the thoughts and beliefs that the heads or

founders of these society want us to think, that we are no longer able to break free from that comfort. My theory is that while the founders may claim to partake in the society 100%, in reality it is impossible for him/ her to do so because his/her thought would be completely destroyed and he/she would be unable to monitor the remainder of the society. In doing so, this would make it possible for a youth to slip past the key points and ideals behind the society, due to the fact that everyone is stuck in the ?now? and can not do anything about their thought patterns. This child would obviously notice a difference, especially as the years pass, and would pick up on manipulative skills and the ability to lie. You see these are two things you will learn about in the real world.

Through these skills you are able to get things to go your way and or benefit you completely without having to give anything up (this would obviously not be something you would learn about in this set perfect society). These two points are two of the main reasons why a Utopian society would never work. If the founder and/or his children ever wanted to, they would have the ability to control and possess each and every one of those people with-in the society, without them even knowing. That, is obviously not a Utopian Society if it is possible for the heads to manipulate, cheat, and con their way to the top of the world and reap great success from a bunch of virtually thoughtless and in a way lifeless group of people. If you want to look at the Utopian Society where even the

founders become part of the system, and interject themselves with-in this self created Utopia, the effects can be even more detrimental than if they simply control you without you knowing. By really having everyone completely dumbed down to the same level you leave yourself open for error. If everyone is to be brought down to the bottom standard and only focusing on the ?Now?, then their ability to do jobs would go down along with it. Eventually it would get to the point where there would be an entire group of babies that never went through the daily rituals or ideals, and therefore the society can not grasp their minds. In doing so this gives all the power to the youths, while the elder?s are left clueless. This could lead to a few possible outcomes. The most likely, in my mind,