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desired as many members as possible to make people with similar beliefs have their own perfect place. They believed that the established church was corrupt and that man should communicate directly with God. They believed that the “Harmony”, which they were effecting in all worldly and spiritual affairs would help usher in the millennium. The Harmonists gradually adopted celibacy. Many of the Harmonists were married, but lived a chaste life. The community also believed in imitating the lifestyle of the first Christians as related in Acts 2:44-45 and 4:32. Harmonists also embraced the policy of complete absence of violence and maintaining universal peace which they hoped would spread from their community. Although the community started with a different purpose than what became,

the community had a relative amount of success. They provide some reasons? Reasons for the success of the Society:  Excellent and inspired spiritual and economic leaders.  A faithful, obedient, well-trained, and hard-working group of followers.  A homogeneous group consisting mostly of families which had undergone the same religious experience.  A common goal and incentive which was kept fresh by moving the group and building a new town three times. Hopefully one day society will be so beneficial to everyone that people will not feel the desire to go off and create there own communities. Do these communities even work? Between Shakers, Brook Farm, and New Harmony, two failed due to lack of interest and financial strain, and one succeeded, but with results different

from the original ideas. It is apparent that the success of a utopian community is extremely difficult to accomplish. 32d