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This book connect politics with philosophy and compares life with speculation. It has deep irony and humour. Plato thought that the basis of an ideal state was justice and reason, so there fore citizens of that society must be educated in a certain way to achieve these goals. Each citizen should be developed according to his or her capacities. Therefore because of natural ability and intelligence, some people would be higher up in society than others. The leader of this ideal state would be a Philosopher-King; an ideal ruler who was an epitome of intellectual and philosophical aristocracy. Plato believed that if people adopted this system, his dream of an ideal state would come true. Voltaire s Candide was written in 1758. It s main philosophy was There is no effect without a

cause. All things are necessarily connected and arranged for the best. The main character, Candide, experiences a lot of tragedy in his life. However, throughout the whole novel, he remains optimistic about everything. His tutor, Dr. Pangloss has taught him that everything that happens is meant to be. At the end of the book, Dr. Pangloss says to Candide: There is a chain of events in the best of all possible worlds; for if you had not been turned out of a beautiful mansion at the turn of a jackboot for the love of Lady Cunegonde, and if you had not been involved in the Inquisition, and had not wandered over America on foot, and had not struck the Baron with your sword, and lost all those sheep you brought from Eldorado, you would not be here eating candied fruit and pistachio

nuts. No matter what happens in this book, Candide always finds a way to be happy. That s the ultimate utopia, to be happy no matter what happens to you.