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do to reach a goal in life. It is viewed as the final stop in a series of steps that lead to the end. The end being the place where one wins. Almost like a life-sized game of chutes and ladders. They seek their own private utopia. This holds true for families all over the United States and throughout the world. Even as I think about this, I’m living my life trying to reach a point where I may be happy. There are things in my wildest fantasies that would make my life perfect in my eyes. For starters, I’m writing this paper. Hopefully this will get me a decent grade. If I also get good grades on all my other classes this semester and for the rest of the time that I attend Roosevelt University I should receive my degree. With a degree in hand I’ll go out into the job market in

search of a place to work. If and when I settle down with a company I intend to start to save some money. With this money I hope to do a number of things. I want to pay off all debt that I’ve acquired for educational purposes. I would like to treat myself to a semi-new automobile. Doesn’t have to be the most luxurious car in the world, but one that isn’t in constant need of repair as is my current one is. I would like to save a little bundle on the side to be used as a down payment for a home. White picket fence, doghouse for rusty, the whole kit and caboodle. I’ve always dreamt of having a house that I could call my own. No one to tell me how I have to keep the place. By then I think it may be time to settle down. Perhaps I’d ask the woman of my dreams (if not, my

current girlfriend will do.) to be my lawfully wedded wife. And in these turbulent times, maybe the marriage would even be a happy one. And if the Lord allows, I might even father a few little kids. In my house, I’d love to have a large screen t.v. and a laser disc player as I am a movie fanatic. A great big leather lazyboy in front of the t.v. would also be required. Electronic gizmos of all shapes and sizes would surround me. Then as my children grew older, I’d hope to be able to provide them with the opportunity to receive a college education, as this is key to success. To see them go on to do well for themselves would make me very proud. By then I would start to contemplate retirement. I’d hope to have a nice little nest egg stashed away so that I may live comfortably

for the rest of my life. I hope to grow old peacefully, and as gruesome as this may sound, I hope that when my time does come, I die in my sleep. Never felling a thing. I know that many of the things I just mentioned may never happen. Many of my wishes are just that, wishful thinking. It is just a concept of a type of life I would like to live. Real or not. But after all, its MY private utopia. Plus we must remember that utopias in these times in their most technical definition do not exist. They are merely ideas and concepts of the world as man would wish it were. Being a man in this world of ours, I have my wishes too.