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A utopia can also be used to define a certain situation as it is perceived by an individual. A person who feels that their life at the specific point in time is perfect or a person who is involved with a certain group or organization can very well feel that they are living in a utopic way. Regardless of what others may feel, These people feel content that their choices are the right ones. These choices are not always the right ones however. Let’s take the example of the Koresh commune in Waco, Texas. The people who migrated to this place did so by their own choice. It was their belief that the ideas on how to live shared by David Koresh were the right ones. They felt that this was the way that they wanted to live their lives. The inhabitants disagreed with the ways of society

and chose to live in a way completely shut off from the rest of the world. Meanwhile, to the outside world was well aware that what was going on in the commune was not right. There were reports of child abuse, and sexual misconduct. This lead to a stand off between the followers of Koresh and the military. Unfortunately that situation got out of hand and there were resulting casualties. This goes to show how hard one would fight and how much one would gibe to be able to achieve that perfect life which is dreamt about by so many. They went as far as to give their lives. Another example of individuals striving for what they consider to be a utopic society for themselves is the formation of different social-political and at times militant groups of different kinds. These kind of

things have been appearing throughout history. Some were successful to a certain degree in their own right, while others have been complete failures. Let me say before I continue that I am not endorsing the beliefs of any particular group nor condemning others. I will merely try to give a brief over view of what they stood for. One example of these factions was the Black Panther Party. This was a group of African-Americans that formed in order to try to resolve some of the issues of civil rights for their people. They felt it was only right that they as people had the freedom that was given to others. They wanted the power to determine the destiny of the black community. They also felt that it was up to the government to provide employment or a guaranteed income for all of the

people. The panthers also sought restitution for the slavery of their ancestors. These are a few of the demands that were put forth by the Black Panthers. Although many Americans at that time considered these demands to be excessive, the Black Panthers saw them as just. One could say that a society in which their demands were met could be considered a utopia. At least in the eyes of the Black Panthers. Another example that I can think of is the formation of the Nazis in Germany. The Nazis lead by Adolph Hitler also sought to get what they felt would be the right thing for their people. Few would argue though that their views were misguided though. They felt that the Aryan People were superior to the others. And with that in mind, they embarked on what they hoped would be a plan

towards world domination. During World War II, the Nazis appeared to be indestructible. They conquered many territories and with that brought a terror to many people of Europe. Perhaps the most notorious result of these actions was the attempted genocide of the Jewish People. Nazis saw them as inferior people and therefore considered them expendable. The Nazis saw their actions as a way to preserve the type of world they felt was the right one. A utopia is not always what the majority sees as perfect, at times it is merely the beliefs shared by a certain group or individual. They sought their utopia, and millions of Jewish people were killed as a result. Everyday life can also reflect one’s own pursuit of the perfect life. We see it everyday in a variety of ways. Yet we don’t

necessarily think of these events, happenings and life decisions in these terms. It can be from the most life changing decision we make, to the most mundane occurrences. The struggles of humans throughout the world reflect this. A person working at a factory, at an office or anywhere for that matter works hard because they want to earn as much money as they possibly can. They know that this money can be used for a variety of purposes that they hope will make their lives easier, happier and overall better. Maybe they’ll be able to send their children to college. Perhaps a new car or a brand new wardrobe will make them feel complete. Maybe they will acquire a certain prestige they desire either from their economic or social status. People in general basically do everything they