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something, it is up to them to do something about it. Without a government, the people would be free to do as they choose. They must nevertheless realize that this freedom will also make them directly responsible for any actions taken. It would be a whole new way of life, and I think it would be a good one. They are essentially different in every way. One country, named C.A.L.S. by my group, is based on more of a socialist perspective. We provide free education and free health care for all of our citizens. As far as government services are concerned, these are two major strengths of our country. I also really like the way we tried to emphasize community service as a way to become a legal immigrant and as punishment for less severe crimes. This will help reduce the amount of state

employees we will need and save our money for other things. Free public transportation would be another strong asset of C.A.L.S. This will help to reduce emissions from cars and lessen the need for automobiles. I feel these were the major strengths of our country, along with our overall more eco-friendly lifestyles. Now it is time to delve into the weaknesses of C.A.L.S. One flaw in our government is that land will be governmentally owned to help all of our trees from being cut down. This almost sounds like a good idea, but why should the government have the right to own the forest and decide what trees will go? If any type of corrupt officials happens to rule our country at any given time, our beautiful forests will be in their hands. What we really wanted was for everyone to

own the land, but I think we were unclear in conveying this message. Another weakness was our higher tax for families with more than two children. The idea behind this is to encourage smaller families with the final goal of having the whole village raise the children. I like the concept of the village raising the children, but I do not agree with the government telling its citizens how many kids they can have. The next weakness is simply having a government. If it truly were a Utopia, no government would be needed. The people would be able to govern themselves and life would be great.