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Utah Blaine Essay, Research Paper Utah Blaine By: Louis L amour In this book there were very few significant quotes. I struggled to find ten. One of them is, Life s to important to lose it over this …….. ranch. This was said by Joe Neal. I agree with this because life it to important to risk over any material thing unless it is another life. Another quote is Good does not always win over evil. This was said by Utah Blaine when he was telling a story about a friend that had been killed and the killer got away with no consequences. I do not agree with this quote. The killer may have gotten away but his consequence will be burning in hell. One of my favorite quotes in this book is, Never go out and look for trouble, because if you wait long enough it will fall straight into

your saddle bag. This was said by Utah Blaine I completely agree with this. Eventually you will have trouble and there will be nothing that you can do about it, no matter how much you try to avoid it. A very true one is Money is like the water that freezes inside a rock and splits its apart. This was said by Joe Neal. He said this because he use to be friends with the people who were trying to kill him for his ranch so they could sell it and get the money. Often this is true which is sad to say. Money does often split apart friends and family. Another quote is To often lives are wasted doing the wrong things. This was said by Ortman. He was one of the men trying to steal the ranch but he backed out because he knew that trying to take the ranch from one of his good friends was

just to wrong for even a man like him. He was killed because he tried to back out and abandon his partners. I could not agree more. A lot of people do the wrong things in life. I wish they all could see what they were doing like Ortman did. The sixth quote I found was All men must walk their own path, whether it be good or bad. This was said by Timm. He said this when he decided to join up with Utah Blaine to help him get the ranch back. He felt it was his path. I agree with this quote. All men must walk their own path, whether it be bad or good. You can t have anyone else walk the path for you. Another quote I strongly agree with is An eye for an eye I do not know who said this originally in life but Utah Blaine in the book said this after the bad guys had killed Timm. He was

going to end the whole deal right there and then. I do believe that this is what the government punishment system should be based on. If you kill someone you should be killed. One more quote Utah Blaine said was, Murder is a sin, not killing. He said this when there was a man trying to stop him from going to the ranch. I also agree with this. My religion also believes that killing is not a sin, only murder. All of the original Christian Bibles said this also. Another quote was, There has been enough killing. Utah Blaine said this because he refused to kill the very last man that was against him. I agree that there has been enough killing in this world. It would be nice if we could just not have any violence just for one day. The last quote is, You should never cross a man with a

bigger gun. This was said by Utah Blaine. I don t really think that this is relevant to now a days but back then it was dumb to cross a man with a bigger gun if he was better than you with it. If I were in the place of Utah Blaine I would have killed the man at the very end. This was when Utah said that there had been to much killing. If you kill him then you will never have any more trouble with him. It is likely that he will get a rifle when he leaves and shoot you from a distance in the back. My favorite part in the book was when Utah got in the fight with Ortman. Ortman was 400 some pounds and Utah was half his size. This was important that Utah won because if he did he knew that he would be feared and Ortman would take all of his men out of the fight. It moved me emotionally