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have…established that irradiated food poses no danger whatsoever to human health. Irradiated food is not radioactive food. In fact, given what we’re learning about the state of the food-inspection system in the country, irradiated food is almost certainly safer than some of what is now available on supermarket shelves (”Food Irradiation a Promising Technology” 14). “Food Irradiation a Promising Technology.” Atlanta Constitution. 12 September 1991. p. 14. “Food Irradiation: Solution or Threat.” Consumers International. Accessed: 14 September 1999. Available at: http:/ Chapman, Stephen. “Science and Myth in the Debate on Food Irradiation.” Chicago Tribune. 7 July 1991. p. 3. Drexler, Madeline. “The

Irradiation Debate.” Boston Globe. 11 November 1990. p 60-61. Murano, E. Food Irradiation a Sourcebook. Ames Iowa: Iowa State University Press, 1995. Satin, Morton. Food Irradiation a Guidebook. Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Technomonic Publishing Company, 1993. Sihna, Gunjan. “Beefing Up Food Safety.” Popular Science. June 1998: pp. 4-67.