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Murad Abdullah (Director of Dubai police research) said there were new trends in cyber crime the cyber crimes discussed will include the unauthorized copying of programs, deliberate distortion of information systems, illegal withdrawals from ATM with forged cards and blackmailing others with information stored on computer . The seminar was headed by Maj. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim (Chief of police) said Police officers who go to the seminar will learn more about these kinds of crimes, although cyber crime is not common in Dubai, a single incident may affect an entire industry and cause great financial damage . Now we go to Japan were there cyber police have taken to the beat for the first time, IT crime is growing fast in this area as there are not any laws to stop people looking

at information, the law is only broken when information is destroyed or sold, this effectively gives hackers the right to break into networks, Japans officials concede that the problem has to be addressed, but this could be the future were police control the internet, there are already volunteer who patrol and have powers to kick people off but they offer little protection against hackers. Summary The Internet and the use of networking are changing the face of business and marketing. The uses of communications in business include e-mail, automated stock control, video conferencing and e-commerce. Networking is also a very important part of business communications and allows the use of resource sharing. Many people see the internet as unsecured and are told never to use a credit

card online, the truth is that buying over the internet is safer than buying in shops, if you pay for goods in a shop with a credit card the cashier could easily make a note of your number, more has been done on the internet to improve security and improve public confidence. Protecting confidential information on computers involves taking a few simple steps, such as, locking disks away, keeping computer hardware in secure room, careful selection of passwords and regular password changes. Hackers are a big threat to business; the data protection states no unauthorized people should have access to your personal information on file. One possible way to increase security in the future would be to have cyber police patrol the Internet. Example of PowerPoint drawing Bibliography H.L.

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