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money from advertising, the more popular their programs are the more money they get from advertising. The internet works much the same, if a company advertisers on your website you will get paid for every person who visits that link, thus the web site wants to be your portal to the internet. There are even some company s that will pay you to browse the Internet looking at adverts; the Internet is a new marketing toy for business. As well as links company s use banners, these automatically open up a small screen or video advertising a product, there is new software which offers banner free surfing, however there is some debate as to whether or not these should be allowed, it is because the internet is used for advertising it is free. e.g. of types of links used -Security Security

Security is now an issue many world leaders take very seriously, stock exchanges, production lines and the Internet can be tampered with causing billions of pounds worth of damage. There are some simple steps that can be taken to ensure private information can be kept secure. Important records should be backed up everyday, checksum is a good way to compare current files with backup to determine whether any information has changed. Any software security faults should be immediately fixed. Hardware security- all hardware should be in a secure room. Governments around the world have made new laws to combat security, in the U.K the Data Protection Act states customers have the right to privacy and to see any information on file about them. Hardware security Software security Hardware

Security 1. Lock up offices 2. Hard disks should be secure against access, tampering or removal. Secure software- computers containing confidential information should have extra Protection: - a) Boot lock to stop computer from booting up b) Power supply can be locked, to stop computer being powered up c) Lock to prevent access to interior of computer d) Floppy disks containing confidential information should be locked away 4. Store critical information in fireproof vaults Software Security 1) Use software security which include passwords so only authorized users have access 2) Password criteria: - a) Use a password at least eight characters long b) Try not to use words used in the dictionary, and include at least one numeric character c) Do not use passwords easily guessed by

friend s family e.g. mother s maiden name, birthday, pets etc d) Never write passwords down, unless disguised in telephone number or encrypted e) Change passwords regularly f) Never send a password in E-Mail 3) Use password controls included in database management packages 4) Regularly review overall access control 5) Keep records up to date, employees who have left etc - Protecting confidential information Protecting confidential information 1) Encrypting programs can be used to disguise information so it is useless without proper passwords. 2) Secure printers used to print sensitive information 3) Overwrite deleted information, when data is deleted the information is still on hard disk until new data is written over it, always overwrite files after deleting Hackers Viruses

Hackers The computer misuse act is aimed specifically at hackers; it covers unauthorized access to data and systems, hacking via remote systems. It has little effect as there are not many prosecutions and the penalties are small. Viruses Viruses are a major threat to security of modern computers, a Trojan horse is used to insert damaging instructions into the computer program, this causes the virus/worm to spread and infect any computer it comes into contact with. Viruses can destroy data, software and even hardware as well as using up memory and processor power. Viruses can be particularly troublesome in networked and shared resource environments as the virus can spread quicker. There are a few simple steps, which can be taken to protect against viruses: - 1) Check all software

before installing 2) Use software to detect and remove viruses 3) Immediately isolate any computers on network with viruses 4) Secure master disks 5) Check all disks brought in by employees Data protection act Future legislation Data protection ACT The Data protection Act states that you have the right to view any data held on you, you also have a right to correct any errors on your file. However not just anybody can ring up a company and access your personal information, by law companies have to keep your file secure. The data protection act does not stop companies selling information on about you to other companies or prevent data being held on file/paper. Possible future legislation The Cyber Police In Dubai recently the Gulf states held a seminar on cyber crime Prof. Mohammed