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Uses Of Networking Essay, Research Paper Contents Contents 1 The uses of Networking and communications in today s business environment 2 LAN 2 Advantages and disadvantages of networks 3 Sharing 3 Communication 3 Allows 3 Allows 3 Resource Sharing 4 Automated Stock Control 4 E-Mail 4 Video Conferencing 5 The Internet in Business 6 E-commerce 6 Globalization and The New Economic order 7 Use of links in Marketing & Portal web sites 7 Security 8 Hardware Security 9 Software Security 9 Protecting confidential information 10 Hackers 11 Viruses 11 Data protection ACT 12 Possible future legislation The Cyber Police 12 Summary 13 Example of PowerPoint drawing 13 Bibliography 15 The uses of Networking and communications in today s business environment LAN Local Area Network diagram

Fig 1 LANs are used to connect a number of computers together so they can share software and hardware, they are also able to send and receive data through the network. -Resource Sharing -Advantages & Disadvantages of networks Advantages and disadvantages of networks Some advantages of networks Sharing Communication Data E-Mail Programs Bulletin boards Storage Tele-computer-conferencing Printer Information Scanner Fax Electronic diaries Allows Allows Fast information exchange Electronic funds transfer Real time database s Electronic data interchange Distributed databases Electronic point of sale Electronic links Business links Some dis-advantages of networks Insecurity Data corruption Hacking Garbled transmission Data theft Lost transmission Commercial espionage Cost

Frustration Can be expensive to install Leads to time wasting Need to train staff to operate Anti social -Resource sharing -Automated stock control -E-mail Resource Sharing Resource sharing is the most efficient way to use peripherals, one printer is able to serve a number of users, and it allows the sharing of hardware and software. Automated Stock Control The purpose of stock control is to ensure stock is ready and available at all times and to make sure there is not too much working capital tied up in stock. This can be achieved through an automated stock control system. E-Mail E-mail is used to send text, audio and video directly from one computer to another, if the recipient is not at their computer it is stored until read by user. - Video conferencing Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing is a way to connect people regardless of geographical boundaries, meeting can be between long distances saving money on travel expenses. -The Internet in business -E-commerce The Internet in Business E-commerce E-commerce represents nothing less than a new economic order, large High street retail outlets are now marketing there goods over the internet, there is nothing that cannot be bought in the High street that cannot be bought over the internet from the comfort of your own home by the click of a button. Internet sales also means cost savings, a companies overheads are dramatically reduced selling over the internet, recently we have seen banks shutting 1000 s of branches and Tesco delivering shopping to your door. Car companies are looking into cars

specifically designed to your choices, you could choose which functions/extras wanted, color, size, shape and then at the click of a button order to be delivered. It is believed this will be the next revolution in Internet sales. -Globalization and the new economy -Links in marketing Globalization and The New Economic order Every business in the world large or small now has access to a global market, the potential for this is unlimited, along with this comes greater competition and price wars, it is because of this companies are starting to create world beating merges, more companies are thinking on a global level. Security in the new economy is an issue companies are taking very seriously. Use of links in Marketing & Portal web sites A network television company s earns