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have been lost. The story is being told by Holden from a mental institution so obviously he is going to be the center of the story because all people are selfish if they are given the opportunity. The different levels that people are developed, I believe, are also indicators of the different levels of respect that Holden has for people. If you look at people he held in great respect, for good or bad reasons, they are usually developed reasonably well like Phoebe, Allie, and Sally. People that Holden did not respect though were developed in almost no detail which indicated that they made no real impact on him and therefore had no real relevance in the story. Throughout the story there are several specific examples of these literary tools that Salinger did or did not use to make

his story effective. The book as a whole was the stage for the off beat writing style of stream of consciousness as well. I believe that Salinger did a good job with the different levels of character development as well as developing the plot in a way that encouraged the readers to think about these issues on their own as well as while reading the book. His talent as a writer is obvious because of the fact that he has gained so much fame for this work, as well as the fact that readers of all ages can relate to the issues that Holden is confused about, not just teenagers around Holden+s own age. Overall J.D. Salinger did a great job with the technical part of writing this book and he did a even better job getting the messages that he wanted across to the readers.