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a good thing because it acknowledges the fact that while it is our obligation to help some people, we cannot help everyone. Thinking realistically like that, gives foreign policy the space it needs to accomplish the sad to say, important things . After all, oil does not rain from the skies, and someone or some country is going to have to pay the bills. This has also a hidden effect on lesser developed countries. What eventually will happen to these countries is what was stated long ago when Charles Darwin coined the phrase, survival of the fittest . The rogue states are crumbling, giving the fittest countries less to worry about. Which means that the prudent part of realism will need to be strong, while the hegemonic obligations like deterrence are still active. We can not let

dangerous leaders come into power, and it is a fear of many Americans that if we ease off these rogue countries, then the chances of another Hitler coming to power are great. In conclusion, through a somewhat cut and paste style of combining prudent realism to hegemonic realism, we can see how the US can shape the future of the world with the massive power we possess. We can crush and rebuild countries in less than a decade. We can control markets and devastate exchanges. The shear power that we as a country do possess comes with the obligation to not let things get out of hand. However, when our oil is threatened or our allies attacked, no matter what school of thought the US is in, it will always resort back to the hegemonic realism that kept this country on top so many years.

The role of a self proclaimed worldwide policemen strikes fear into other nations, but the role of a good old stern grandmother sounds kind of appealing