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Us Mexico Relations Essay, Research Paper ?Poor Mexico, so far from God, and so close to the United States.? -Pofirio Diaz Mexico is one of the most populated and industrialized of the third world nations, yet it remains very impoverished in comparison to it?s northern neighbor. Recently Mexico has been the third largest trading partner of the United States, has become an important exporter of petroleum and plays a pivotal role in the politics of the region. Yet Mexico is frequently treated with neglect and misunderstanding by the United States. This treatment is why Mexico is hesitant about United States influence and investment in Mexico. While many foreign countries acknowledge the United States as a protectorate and a blessing, Mexico sees the United States as a

problematic source. The idea of the United States overshadowing Mexico was best stated in Pofirio Diaz?s famous quote. From the Pofiriato up until today Mexico is still in the shadows of the United States; but with the creation of NAFTA the intentional distance between the United States and Mexico has begun to close. Pofirio Diaz?s quote is a good representation of Mexican sentiments towards its northern neighbors. In his quote he makes a comparison between being far from God and close to the United States. While this quote probably had the intensions of being used to portray the point that Mexico is close to the United States and is overshadowed by them, it adds the contrast of being far from God. While the reference to God is representative of good, then in contrast, the United

States can be interpreted as an evil. During the Pofiriato when this quote was said, Mexico was trying to become more modernized by opening their economy to foreign investment. Even though Mexico wanted United States investment, they were hesitant about the negative repercussions that would follow from the American investors. Another reason that Mexico feels that their close proximity to the United States can be considered negative is that it is difficult having a three thousand mile border with one of the most powerful and industrialized nations in the world. Mexico is in the shadows of the United States. During the time of the Pofiriato the West in the United States was developing, technology was expanding and their importance on the global scene was increasing. Mexico wanted

to be able to follow the United States in some of these aspects. Pofirio Diaz believed that if Mexico was to obtain foreign investment, they would have to portray an image of prosperity and peace. In order to display this desired image Diaz would spend exorbitant amounts of money on buildings so that other nations would see this growthand becp,e confident in Mexico?s potential for investment. To obtain this image, Diaz silenced the people in Mexico and ruled as a dictator. This image of Diaz can be observed in the film Viva Zapata. During the Pofiriato Mexico wanted to become more modernized and to do so, Pofirio Diaz wanted foreign investment. A lot of the investment came from entrepreneurs in the United States. Mexico wanted foreign companies to come to Mexico and develop their

resources; in result nearly all the land was privately owned. This is one reason that Mexico feels hesitant towards the United States. The land in Mexico was monopolistic with heavy foreign ownership and domination; Mexico literally ?didn?t even own itself.? This heavy foreign investment reduced the income of the middle and working classes in Mexico, which were created during the Porfiriato. Inflation climbed higher and higher. Increased taxation was necessary by the government to fill the void left by inflation and exemptions designed to encourage foreign investment. In other words, Mexico?s people were being thoroughly ?ripped off? so-to-speak, by foreigners. (Gil) One example of a large American investment in Mexico was in the railroad system. In Mexico it was debated whether