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Us Democracy Essay, Research Paper Ant? V. Williams Political Science 1101 February 1, 2001 It’s Not Right, Get Rid of It In theory, the United States became a democracy when we signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. This theory is not true. The textbook defines a democracy as a system of government in which ultimate political authority is vested in the people, of course you know that this is just not so. Our system of representation, often times, fails us. Quite often, the people who represent us in our state, local, and federal governments make decisions without much regard for the desires of the American citizenry. Take for instance, the recent turmoil over the presidential election ended in a failed attempt to select a president based on the people’s choice.

This outdated system of electing a president in our country’s government isn’t right and we need to get rid of it. It was quite apparent that the American people voted to have Vice President Al Gore as our president. He won the nations popular vote. However, our constitution provides for an Electoral College in Article II, Section I. This body of electorates has the final say. The final voice was not that of the people but that of our government. Many don’t understand how the Electoral College works. For those of us who don’t know how the Electoral College works allow me to explain. The Electoral College is made up of electors. The number of electors equals the number of each states representatives in both houses of Congress. These electors vote on whom will be our next

President and Vice President based on the popular vote of that state. If the state votes mostly republican then the states whole “electoral” vote is cast in favor of the Republican candidate. This is very wrong. Why do we still need this system of voting? I don’t want a committee of people to decide the vote of an entire state of people. I don’t want my vote reinterpreted as one vote for an entire state. That is really what is going on and will continue to go on unless the Electoral College is abolished. Voting is an obligation of citizenship. We will continue to vote and if it doesn’t vote in your favor then your vote will be changed. This is why I think that each vote should be counted equally and accurately. The nation was at a stand still while the votes in Florida

were counted and in the process of a recount. Then they thought that time was running out and that we should just go and elect a President without a proper and accurate count of each citizens vote which is given to us by the Constitution of the United States. It is because of this total disregard for the right for each person’s voice to be counted that I think it is time to look more closely at our system of elections and consider change. Ultimate and complete authority was exercised by a system that was developed hundreds of years ago. Technology and knowledge have moved us worlds apart from the need to have an Electoral College select our president. I want to thank you for reading my arguments and I urge you to get involved. Write your state and national officials urging them

to bring an end to this inaccurate count of your vote.