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dorm. One girl thought it was her date for Darrow 3 the party and she went down. She never came back. Later that night the other girl hears scratching and gasping from down the hall. She became very frightened. She could not lock the door, so she locked herself in the closet. The next morning, she emerged from the closed to find that her roommate’s throat had been cut. If only the girl had opened the door, she could have saved her roommate (Brunvand 58). “The Killer in the Backseat” is about a woman who was driving home late one night when she notices someone following her. Every time she would speed up, the car behind her would speed up also. This freighted the woman terrible, so she started running red lights to get away from him. That still did not work, he ran the red

lights right behind her. When she finally arrived home, she noticed the car pull into her driveway behind her. She laid on the horn and her husband came out. He went to the man in the car and asked what was going on. The guy said, “I followed her because I noticed a man’s head bob down in the backseat. The husband went over, opened the door, and pulled out a guy from her backseat (Brunvand 52). Another version of this legend involves a gas station attendant. The attendant sees the guy in the backseat and makes up a reason for the woman to get out of her car. Unfortunately, in the movie, the woman does not get away. She ends up driving away and the guy in the backseat kills her (Brunvand 52). In the movie “Dead Man on Campus”, there are three guys who are roommates at

college. Two of the guys find out that if their roommate commits suicide they will receive a four point grade point average for the semester. They decide to try to make their roommate insane enough to kill himself. Of course, they get their four point (Roeper 50). That Urban Legend is the most ridiculous. There is not one college or university in the United States that would have a policy such as that (Roeper 50). There are a few Urban Legend that are true. These took place in England where they were reported and printed in an English newspaper around the seventies. Two of these Urban Legends include “The Double Theft” and “The Packet of Biscuits (cookies)” (Choking 192-193). Darrow 4 In “The Double Theft,” a woman customer in a store goes to the restroom. She puts

her purse on the floor beside her, and before she knows it someone has grabbed it. By the time she emerged the thief has escaped. She reports her loss to the shop manager, and returns home. A few hours later she receives a phone call from the store saying they found her purse. She returns to the store, but there is no bag and none of the staff had phoned her. Upon returning home again, she finds her keys in the lock of her door, and finds that her home has been burglarized (Choking 193). “The Packet of Biscuits (cookies)” is about a traveler who buys a cup of tea and a packet of cookies in a dining car. The traveler sits at the same table as an colored man. The traveler begins drinking his tea and eating his cookies. The man that he is sitting with helps himself to one. The

traveler, somewhat shaken, proceeds to take another cookie. The man across from him does the same. This continues until there is only one cookie left. The colored man then breaks it in two so it may be shared. The traveler gets angry, and yells at the man only to realize that his packet of cookies are still in his briefcase (Choking 192). There is a racial prejudice implied in this Urban legend. Attention is called to the patience of the black man who is often despised and rejected. If a person were to do that in this country, whether they are black or white, they would probably regret it. Who knows, someone could even be killed over something like that in the United States (Choking 192). Some people may think that Urban Legends are stupid and pointless. There are some that are,

but they are just a form of entertainment like television or the Internet. There are a few Urban Legends that should not even be considered Urban Legends. There is one word to describe these Urban Legends, pointless (Choking 208). One of these pointless Urban Legends is called “Dial 911 for Help.” In it, there is a family of seven that had practiced for fire drill so everyone would know what to do. They even had the emergency number posted by the phone. Their plan was for the father to take the baby Darrow 5 and two youngest children out of the house while the mother called the emergency number. After doing that, she was to take the other two older children and leave (Choking 209). One night a fire woke them, the father did his part and was waiting on the neighbor’s lawn