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to the public, making it the second largest initial public offering by an American company in history. Today, UPS is not just in the delivery business, but in the customer satisfaction business, and customer needs will continue to be the company’s driving force. The highest priorities for UPS over the next five years will be: growing internationally, deploying technology that will allow UPS to continue introducing new services; to electronically connect customers to UPS so even more comprehensive information about shipments is available; to continue creation of new services and solutions for customers that add value all along the supply chain, and, finally, to move further into all three converging flows of commerce – the flow of goods, information, and funds. UPS has always

been a good company since they first days of business in 1907. They expanded tremedously. Even though have had their shares of setbacks, they still remain strong and have succeeded through it. The strike hurt them the most and they have overcome it to bring their company to the top. UPS is and always will be a household name. I remember running out of the house to that oh- so- familar brown uniform and truck when I was a kid and hopefully my kids will too. Behr, Peter. “UPS Ready to Roll After 15-Day Strike Union Negotiators, Local Leaders Vote Unanimously For Pact.” Washington Post 20 Aug. 1997: 1.