Uploading To E Groups Essay Research Paper

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Uploading To E Groups Essay, Research Paper This is Quad-Damage how to upload on Yahoo E gorups! 1.Go to www.egroups.com 2. on the top it says Register – Sign In Click on Register (it’s 1 Register Per game) 3. Fill out what it wants make sure u put in the bithday ur over 30 and for Alternate Email put nothing use fake Info but make sure u put a user name u can remember. 4.Sumbit this form when ur done. 5. You will get a error Please re-enter the entries labeled in red 6. but just click or Activate and use Yahoo! Mail instead 7. then submit this form 8. agian a Error make the name fake if u want it dosn’t matter Fill it in 9.submit it agian 10. click on Continue to Yahoo! Groups 11. Near the top right side u will see 4 things Start a Group My Groups My Preferences Sign

Out 12.Click on Start a Group 13. for Name your Group put Quadwarez(and the name of the game) Like QuadwarezStarCraft or whatever game 14. for Enter your Group email address put Quadwarez(and the name of the game) 15 for Describe your Group put Quadwarez.cjb.ent 16. for Select directory listing type MAKE SURE U PUT UNLISTED! 17. eveything else leave as is then Hit Continue 18 Now the Hard part Step 2 of 4: Classify your Group Put ur Group IN ANY Group BUT! Sex & Romance (DON’T PUT IT HERE) U can’t download files in Sex and Romance. Put it in Games then Computer & Video Games then in Emulation (THEY CAN’T DELETE EMULATION) 19.then Click on Place my group in Emulation 20. Contine 21. Step 4 of 4: Invite people to your Group Move down and Click Skip THIS STEP! 22.

Congrats u just made your group CLick on Customize your group page 23. Move down a bit do u see Features and Options Click on Edit! 24. See Files move the dot to Public (anyone, including non-members, can view files) U only need to move it to that 25. then move down and hit Save Changes 26. On the Side Click on Files (it looks like this) Home Messages Pending Post Chat Files 27. see the Add File Click on that 28. Click On browse and find the File (under 5mg) and under the Description of it Like File 1 or File 42 29. Click on Upload file *NOTE IF U open a 2ed Ie windows U can upload 2 files at the same time like this* *Note 20mg per account so don’t uploader 20mg per account* 30. When that group is filled up click on Start a Group agian Do steps 13-26 agian but this time Name

your Group Quadwarez(the name of the File A) and when that group is filled Start a 3ed group and name the group Quadwarez(the name of the File A) 31. it’s Unlimited groups Per Account So make a new Account on evey Game! they don’t if u go over 400mg in a group! Quad-Damage I can’t Spell so sue me! To get u links Click on Files http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QuadwarezNBAlive2001/files/ they will look like this http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QuadwarezNBAlive2001A/files/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QuadwarezNBAlive2001B/files/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QuadwarezNBAlive2001C/files/ DON’T Upload Over 5mg File Sizes and don’t go over 20mg per Group and Yahoo E groups is very cool! Bibliography My upload skillz to upload to a kickass sever