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miles. ?I guess this is finally the end of college for you!? (62). It is as if since Mary married her son she should have never even considered going to school in the first place. Where is her husband?s voice? It is as if he is just letting his parents make the decision about the situation and how it should be handled. Again when Mary?s grandmother agrees to continue lending her money for school the mother-in-law determines that Mary should now work to support her son because ?she? is pregnant. ?Unlike my in-laws, who have not hesitated to tell me I should go to work as a typist or a waitress to support my husband through college (after all, he will be supporting me for the rest of my life), my grandmother believes I should get my own credentials? (62). And even after Mary

decided for herself that she would attend college and have a baby at the same time the in-laws are still chiming in on their disapproval and what she needs to do. ?But Mary! Tiny babies have to be kept warm!? ?But Mary! How can you expect to go to college and take good care of a husband and a baby?? And finally, ?We?re going to put our foot down!? (73). This all gives reason to believe that Mary?s husband still feel subservient to his parents wishes so he does not stop them from badgering his wife about ?their? baby. He never tells them to mind their own business and let he and his wife work it out. His not speaking up on his wife?s behalf shows that he does not feel as if he needs to defend his wife and her needs. This disregard for her feelings shows how the marriage is not a

fifty-fifty effort on the husband?s part. The fact that Mary?s husband does not support her and remains silent when his parents voice their commanding opinions about their situation reveals that he, like Mary, was to young and immature to be married. Also, the fact that Mary never mentions her disapproval of her husband?s silence is troubling because he should be her biggest supporter. The blatant disregard to defend his wife, and her lack of demanding support illustrates that communication gap between them and their marriage. The marriage will surely fail for Mary will eventually put her own foot down and take her husband?s silence no more.