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refused to fulfill the sacraments. The people became outraged, they had given so much money to the church and now they refused to fulfill a loved ones sacraments. Also people started to listen and go to people like Catherine of Sienna, who was a saint and supposedly stigmatic. She tried to fill the void which the church had left. And people started to listen to men like John Wyclif. John Wyclif who was a preacher at Oxford University, and said that the priesthood should not be have any authority over the people. He also stated that the church is corrupt and that no mortal man can perform miracles, God alone can only do that. With that people started to loose faith and the church began to collapse, and the people looked for leadership and found thier king, and with that idea of a

nation is formed. With the new idea of the nation formed, future history is greatly affected. More wars are fought for the betterment of the nation. Countries are formed within the nations. And with the countries come the expansion of the countries with colonies. And more wars are fought. People eventually gain more rights and freedom. More wars are again fought to protect peoples freedom and for the nations own national intrest. All of this stems from the formation of nationalism and the nation. There were many factors that led to the formation of nationalism. War and the idea of us, not them helped to establish the foundation of nationalism. The idea that you are fighting for your King and your nation. Also the revolting peasant were a contributing factor to destroying of the

old idea of the feudal system, which led way for the nationalistic movement to grow. Finally the people loosing their faith in the church and turning to the king for new leadership. All of these factors contributed to the rise of the new idea of nationalism and the nation. 1 316