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Untitled Essay, Research Paper Stress Stress! What is stress!? Stress is when you want to cry for no reason. Or you just snap at people when they didn’t do any thing!! People get stressed over little things and BIG things. Or a whole bunch of little things. Some people might get stressed from working to hard like as a stockbroker with Dean Witter. And having to support a wife and 2 kids when the stock markets is crashing! Now that would be stress. For some students it might be something as simple as getting a C on a paper. They think that there never going to be able to get in to a good collage! All because of one C. You also might be stressed if you’re a senior and you work full time! Not cus you want to but because you have to. To be able to pay for collage. On top of

that you are in high school full time and taking very important classes that you can’t take next year or ever again in high school! You do your best in the classes but its just not good enough! You are late to all your morning classes because you want to get more then 4 hours of sleep! Also you have writer’s block and you sit in front of the computer for hours and don’t even get a sentence! You try and do a web but that doesn’t work. By the time you even have a micro idea its time for work! Oh and your last paycheck they messed up on. See you get commission and they forgot to add it for the first week you worked. But, you’re to stressed and tiered to deal with it. So, you have no money basically and no time. Then at work they are already talking about firing you cus

your not working hard enough! Your mom already wants you to cut down on your hours cus she thinks is stressing you out. Which in a way she is right. But you need to work cus you have to save up for collage. No one is going to really help you. Your getting older and you need to support your self and that’s not going to happen if you cut down on your hours. Any ways they are such short handed that they need you. There are only 5 of you guys! 1 day person, 1 person who can only work on the weekends and 2 others that work at night, then there is you. So, it’s really going to effect them if you cut down on hours! On top of that you have a boyfriend that you have been with for a year and you are trying to get his life on track! Making sure he’s not doing something stupid! And the

only time you can see him is at night when you need to be doing your homework. When he does come over to see you, his mom comes and knocks on the door and starts yelling at you cus you’re with her son! Which to make it more stressful, she doesn’t even approve of you two even being friends! Your mom is barley ever home cus she has a new boyfriend and she is over their 5 days out of the week. Its not that you’re upset that she is with some one new its just that your used to her being home all the time and being there for you. You can’t get mad because, for once lately she is really happy with a guy. She has been divorced 3 times and her luck with guys is kinda like mien, really bad! Now she is happy and you can’t tell her to stop. So that stresses you out even more. Now

your dad who lives in Washington, told you last April that he is going to send you down his old truck and you will have it by summer time. Which is very good because you and your mom have to share the car. And it doesn’t help when you both want the car! So, it’s 2 months into summer and still no truck but the fighting between you and your mom increases tremendously for the car! Dad says “Well I need to fix a couple of things before I send it.” Then dad tells you, you will get the truck before school starts. Well now it’s 3 weeks in to the school year, and still no truck. So your moms boyfriend decides to let her use his truck because he also has a motorcycle. Again you can’t be mad, because were not fighting over the car but now I see her even less! Well, finally the