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can’t make money it will eventually have to go bankrupt these would mean that people will lose their jobs.Solution to Problems arising from the IssueSoftware piracy will have to be fought on 2 different levels the first level will be the political and the second one will be on the technological level. On the political level one will have to pass tougher legislation against Software pirates. Also the government should makes regulation with other governments on Software piracy and encouraging them to be though on Software Pirates and try to combat them. Appropriate action should be taken against countries who fail to do so. On the technological level one should consider to insert "Harder" Copy protection on the Software product. One such method could be that once the

Installation of the Program has been completed one has to register the product and receive a code and each code begin different according to different variables. Some Software program have copy protection one them but all of them are cracked very quickly by hackers and therefore it to unlikely that any new copy protection will not be cracked. To much copy protection could drive away legitimate consumers. Till now politician haven’t really looked into the problem of Software piracy and Copyrights very thoroughly as they think that there are bigger problems to solve. Once though legislation are passes and people made aware that Software Piracy is a crime one could see a fall in Software Piracy. In dealing with other country involves a lot of bureaucracy but also a committed

government. For anything to occur on the political level could take years for any effects to be seen. It has the greatest chance of solving the problem in the long run. In the technological side one could solve the problem only one a short term but implementation would be fast. SourcesInternet Page WWW.pcworld.com/News December 96 Business Software Alliance Information Sheet on Software Piracy Computer Ethics Tom Forester &Perry Morrison Chapter3 "Software Theft" page 51-72 CNN Computer Connection December 96 – January 97 PC Magazine entire 96 Volume Reuters InfoWorld, Vol.19, No.6 Reuters 6 Feb. 97 Media Daily, Jan 30, 1997 Article on FBI crackdown on Software Pirates 318