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life is filled with nothing but sorrow. If Cuchulain had faced the demons and suffered their wrath, he would have become a legend that would live on forever, but instead he is lifted out of the afterlife and lives with false passion toward Eithne Inguba. Just like this story, Ireland will likewise lose all hope if it avoids the demonic threats instead of going through and emerging from them. Even though Cuchulain’s life is restored, he will not become the legend that he could have, and he will have to face the demons eventually, as Bricriu says to Emer, “He’ll never sit beside you at the hearth or make old bones, but die of wounds and toil on some far shore or mountain, a strange woman beside his mattress” (119). Yeats is saying that Ireland must eventually face and live

through the dark forces that threaten it, and removing itself from these forces, in addition to simply delaying the inevitable, will only lead to further tragedy. The works of these two Irish authors are fine pieces of fiction that effectively employ the elements of horror and tragedy which are common in gothic literature, but they also serve as valuable insights into the philosophies that were shared by many Europeans during these times of anxiety and change. It is difficult to say which philosophy is superior to the other. Stoker’s Dracula was published in 1897, while Yeats’ works were written later, with The Only Jealousy of Emer written in 1919, giving him the advantage of witnessing the Easter Rising of 1916. The turmoil of the period was not as simple as modern versus

primitive or good versus evil, and certainly not everyone in Europe shared their views or anything close to them, thus making it virtually impossible to judge the superiority of one philosophy over another. While readers may not agree with either of the authors, these works are still entertaining and serve as a testament to the power of literature as a platform for social and political opinion.