Untitled Essay Research Paper Pride and Prejudice

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Untitled Essay, Research Paper Pride and Prejudice has two main characters, Elizabeth and Darcy, who at the beginning seem to be disgusted at each other. During the book, their views toward each other seem to change and slowly make progress. At the end of the book, their opinions have completely turned around about each other and they even get engaged and later married. Also Elizabeth and Darcy?s two views on each other are similar and different in many ways.At the beginning of the book, when they first meet they are not really impressed by each other. Elizabeth thinks that Darcy is a little ?stuck up?, or has a little to much pride and Darcy says that he thinks that Elizabeth is pretty, but not enough to satisfy him: ?She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me . .

.? (12). During the main part of the book Darcy is the first to notice Elizabeth?s beauty. Austen tells the reader how he did not even give her a chance at first: ?Mr. Darcy had at first scarcely allowed her to be pretty; he had looked at her without admiration at the ball . . .? (21). Although Darcy seem to start liking Elizabeth, Elizabeth then showed her ?pride and prejudice? when she rejects Mr. Darcy for a dance: ?Indeed sir, I have not the least intention of dancing. I entreat you not to suppose that I moved this way in order to beg for a partner?(24). At the end of the book their views on each other have changed drastically, and they come to understand each other more and then agree to get married.Price and Prejudice are shown though these main characters in the book.

Although they both show a lot of characteristics of each, Elizabeth seems to be more prejudice against Darcy then prideful; and Darcy seems to be more prideful toward himself that prejudice against Elizabeth. Darcy seems almost too good or too rich and too powerful to ever dance with Elizabeth the first time: ?She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me . . .? (12). In addition, Elizabeth seems to judge Darcy before she gets to know him very well.Darcy?s and Elizabeth?s views upon each other are similar and different in many ways. Elizabeth and Darcy both seem to judge each other before they have a clear sight on each other personalities and their physical appearances. They both have different ways of judging each other though. Darcy tries to insult Elizabeth publicly ,

but when he does she takes that and turn it around to show how foolish he is.In conclusion, Elizabeth and Darcy start out in the book almost hating each other, but seem to eventually come around and see the bright side. They both have similar personalities, but different ways they express them.