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Untitled Essay, Research Paper Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 1 of 14 Section 1.1: Forms Analysis and Design Effective date: March 6, 1997 Issued by Approved by:1.1 FORMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN 1.1.1 WHAT IS A FORM? A form is basically a fixed arrangement of captioned spaces designed for entering and obtaining pre-described information. A form is considered effective if it is:? easy to complete ? easy to use ? easy to store ? easy to retrieve information quickly ? easy to dispose1.1.2 HOW IS IT IMPORTANT? In a business, forms and design are greatly needed to allow the company to better organize the way they want their business to operate smoothly and efficiently. Although the presence of forms and design in a company ensures that the company will run better, be able to

make better decisions and be able to coordinate activities more easily, these forms and design programs must be covered in the companies budget, in terms of costs. The company will have to make sure that its forms and designs are a unique standard throughout the company and not different in separate sections of the companies total make-up. If, by chance the presence of a universal form in a certain section of the company is a disadvantage rather than an advantage, the forms and policies of other companies may be looked at in order to correct the problem. When creating a form, companies may use the same standard techniques before making changes to make the form right for its company. Some basic techniques are making sure that the form is easy to fill in, takes minimal time to

fill-in, it has a functional layout and it contains an attractive visual appearance. After using the basic standards of form design, the forms analysists’, spend countless hours making the design a unique standard for their company, while considering every section of the company, so that the form will be useful to every member of the company.Policies and Procedure Guidlines Page 2 of 14 Section 1.2: Tools and Aids For Forms and Design Effective date: March 6, 1997 Issued by: Approved by: 1.2 TOOLS AND AIDS FOR FORMS DESIGNING Many companies use the same basic tools to design their forms. In the past when forms were designed, many “traditional tools” were used to design forms. Some of those tools include the following:? pencils, erasers ? rulers, triangles ? tracing paper ?

lettering and symbol templates ? cutting tools ? masking tape and cellophane tape ? correction fluid ? rubber cement Now, because of new technology and easier ways to design forms, most of these tools are obsolete. New computer hardware and software have provided many tools and accessories which have allowed companies to train employees to design forms using these advanced tools. Software packages such as Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, which includes Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint along with WordPerfect, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic and many other software packages have made tasks easier to complete. Their amazing accurate and precise design tools provide “picture-perfect” quality. 1.2.1 Computer Hardware and Software ? Pentium Computers Today most designers use computers

especially Pentium computers because of their speed and performance. Policies and Procedure Guidelines Page 3 of 14 Section 1.2: Tools and Aids For Forms and Design Effective date: March 6, 1997 Issued by: Approved by:? Corel Draw There are several different software packages that can be used to design the forms. Many companies recommend Corel Draw. It is an excellent choice to use for designing the form as you would want it on paper. There are excellent designing tools included in the Corel Package which allows you to draw lines of any size, color or shape. It also allows you to insert grids, graphics, graphs or images with different border styles and sizes.? Microsoft Word After designing the physical appearance of the form with style and borders, Microsoft Word will be used to