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present is that when a qualified candidate in a target group is promoted, concerns are raised among those outside the target group, that the candidate did not excel because of his or her merit but rather, because of the affiliation to one of the target groups. Employment equity was initially seen as good social policy. Most people would agree that it is unjust and unacceptable for a society to have individuals facing barriers to employment opportunities for reasons unrelated to ability. These people were underemployed because they are women, aboriginal peoples, members of visible minorities, or persons with disabilities. Despite the governments efforts to address the issue, and although some gains have been made, there is still a significant number in the target groups that still

face the systemic barriers. Perhaps the government has not done enough to change the status quo. Perhaps allowing the employers to set their own goals and time tables was an error and should be reviewed. But given the data presented thus far in their own annual reports and the continuous controversy surrounding the issue, the Employment Equity act as far as I am concern has only partially attained its goal. BIBLIOGRAPHY Kernagan,K et al, Public Administration in Canada Scarborough, Ontario, Nelson Canada 1991 Kelly, John G. Human Resource Management and the Human Rights Process Canada, CHH Canadian Limited 1991 Annual Report: The Employment Equity Act. 1989, 1990, 1992 Ottawa, Ministry of supply and Services Canada