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Untitled Essay, Research Paper Lisa Wilson English 101 Story Outline 1 December 2000 1. Intro A.The story of ?The Jilting of Granny Weatherall? by Katherine Ann Porter is portrayed in two different ways by the video and story version. B.Both versions of the story have the same basic main points but some of the smaller points are different between the two tellings of the story. C.There are several differences between the movie version of ?The Jilting of Granny Weatherall? and the written version, which affect the way the video and story are interpreted. The differences which changed the interpretation of the video and story are how the two versions begin: the story start with Granny in her deathbed, the video shows us one day of her life before she goes to the deathbed, the

second difference is the point of view the stories are told from: the written is told from a limited omniscient, the video is from first person, and third difference is Granny?s readiness for death. In the story she was ready for death, the video showed her not ready for death. 11. Body A.How each version start out 1.Both the written and video version has the story starting out in a different place, which changes the interpretation of the stories. 2.The written version begins with Granny Weatherall in her deathbed, which leaves the entire story less clear, the characters less developed and the problem with Granny more undefined. The interpretation of this version is Granny was very bothered by several things from her past and was not quite over her broken engagement. 3.The video

version begins with a day in the life of Granny Weatherall, and then we are takes to her deathbed. This is easier to understand because the story is more developed, the characters are more developed and we understand why Granny was jilted. The interpretation of this version is that Granny has worked all of her life and is still bothered by the loss of her youngest child and her one-time fianc? and is not quite ready to die. B.Point of View 1.Both of these stories are told from different viewpoints, which gives us less and more to interpret. 2.The written version of the story is from a limited omniscient. This leaves the reader with many questions, we do not see how Granny saw everything, the story and characters are less develops and Granny?s problems so not seem clear. This

changes how we interpret the story because the reader is left without a sense of finality. 3.The video gives a first person point of view by Granny Weatherall. We get a better understanding of Granny?s life and what she has been through. This changes how we interpret the video because we have a better perspective of what Granny went through, so we feel more sympathetic towards her. We also see in more detail how she was jilted. C.Readiness For Death 1.1. In both versions of the story Granny is in her deathbed. The story and video show a variation in Granny?s readiness for death. 2.In the written versions Granny is ready fro death. She was prepared for the end. This changes the interpretation because it showed she had not led a happy life and wanted to go to heaven to see her

daughter Hapsy and she wanted to get out of her misery. 3.In the video Granny was not ready for her death, she did not want to be on her deathbed. This changed the interpretation because the fact that she realized even though her ex-fianc? had left her at the alter she had a better than expected life is pointed out to us. 111.Conclusion A. There are two versions of ?The Jilting of Granny Weatherall?. One is the original written story, the other is the video based on the book. B.The book and video?s differences change the interpretation throughout each. The way each starts out, the points of view from which they are told; the readiness of Granny for death gives a new interpretation to each version of the story. C.Each variation in the two versions of the story changed the