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Untitled Essay, Research Paper Have you ever thought of what America would be like under a different style of government. Thomas Jefferson said A little rebellion now and then is a good thing. If the governmental system that is in place is not meeting the needs of the country then that governmental system must be changed. For those of you who do not understand the meaning of Anarchy, Webster has defined it as follows: Anarchy: …noun. 1. A social structure without law and order, government, or authority. 2. Utter confusion. 3. A rebellion against what is accepted as right or correct. Anarchy usually starts off small and grows over a long period of time… at first, primitive forms of Anarchy such as crank calls, and petty theft will begin the process. At this point, frequent

failure or getting caught may put a stop to the increasing chaotic tendencies within the person in question. If the child Anarchist is successful in his endeavors, however, he will move on to bigger and better things. The real fun stuff starts in high-school… there are endless possibilities for amusement at the expense of others. One thing to remember however is that there are many obstacles which stand in your path such as cops, locks, alarms and of course, the most important thing to watch out for is carelessness on your part. It is because of carelessness that many good hell raisers have met their fate. There is a place for the Anarchist everywhere. College campuses, bus stations, metropolises, and even small rural Idaho mountain ranches are common places to find Anarchists.

Anarchism provides fun, entertainment, and is somewhat cheap, making it a viable alternative for college students. College students do need to have fun and entertainment amongst their studies. Anarchism can provide that fun and entertainment. Before you can go out and have fun, you must prepare yourself. First things first you must decide what you are going to do. Are you going to just cause mayhem or really have some fun by exploding something (could an exploding clock tower fit into your plans)? Your plans directly effect what you take with you. For a successful strike on your target area, you will need the following: o Camouflage (dark clothing, mask)- To prevent discovery & Identification o A small bat or solid stick/bar – To eliminate people or dogs who get in the way

& to increase destructive power o A small, “efficient” weapon – For serious emergencies only! (knives or mini-chucks are good) o Flashlight – So you can see! o Several projectiles – Yes, even the most basic of prehistoric weaponry can be the Anarchist’s best friend. Everything from rocks to eggs to your little brother classifies, anything that can be used to damage or destroy when thrown will do… however, due to the relative inexpensiveness and availability of rocks leads to their wide usage. o Smoke Bombs – A valuable tool o Flammables – A MUST!!!! Gasoline, hair spray, ANYTHING that burns enthusiastically classifies. However, with the availability of gasoline, and the relative inexpensiveness, (now 1.44/gal!), this most often becomes the chosen fluid. o

Explosives – Not compulsory for the job but they sure add a spark to the evening! These are a personal favorite. As everybody knows, there are many, many, files floating ’round out there ( on the Internet) on this topic. I have seen docs and plans for everything from the front axle car bomb to the exploding ball-point pen. o Spray Paint – To mark out your territory & let the world know you were there… o Lock Picks & a Bag – Just in case an easy target for theft presents itself while your vandalizing o Transportation – (Preferably motorized… be real). Or, in many cases, a flock of such. A mandatory requirement for a successful authoritative attack, for true Anarchists don’t get caught at the scene. Once you have all your equipment, you re ready to go. Easy