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explains, “he was always the quintessence of something that somebody else had recognized and defined,” (Davies’ 147) his new identity allows Boy to start a new life and leave Deptford in the past. Also, Boy brings with him into his new life his Deptford wife Leola, whom he tries to change into “the perfect wife for a rising young entrepreneur in sugar.” (Davies’ 151) She cannot lose her small-town background as well as Boy, and she falls by the wayside, eventually committing suicide. Although, Boy is the antagonist character of the novel, his new identity embraces him as one of the most powerful men in Canada, but he will always hold the guilt from the snowball incident which occurred in Deptford. To conclude, the actions that occurred in Deptford change the whole

basis of the novel. Thus while Boy and Magnus have taken on new identities and tried to displace their old ones, Dunstan takes on a new identity that complements the old. All thre