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there should be unity of time, place, and action. By this he means the action of the play should take place in the amount of time it takes to perform it, it should occur in one setting, and there should be one main plot or action. Shakespeare breaks all these rules. The play spans over a significant period of time. Also, the action occurs in various settings ranging from the palace to a plain in Denmark. Finally, there are several plots taking place simultaneously. For instance, as Hamlet is struggling with the death of his father, Ophelia is going insane because Hamlet is not returning her love or showing any interest in her. The audience feels pity for Ophelia throughout her ordeal as well. Aristotle would not approve of all the subplots that occur within this play.

Shakespeare?s Hamlet is a great and effective tragedy which follows most of the guidelines set by Aristotle in Poetics. There are some aspects of Poetics that Shakespeare does not include or follow, however the play still effects the audience in the desired manner. In reality, Hamlet would not have the same impact if it followed all the guidelines. For instance, the whole aspect of the subplot about Ophelia?s insanity adds so much to the play. Shakespeare broke some of Aristotle?s rules and still wrote an effective tragedy that has been appreciated by audiences for centuries. Saltzburg 5 Nicole Saltzburg English 106 Mr. McGrath 4 December 1996 Hamlet Analyzed in Terms of Aristotle?s Poetics 316