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When using a pair-gain repeater the requirement is only every five miles. Repeaters are either pole mounted or placed underground accessed through sewer plates. By the signal being digital re-creation is simple compared to analog with noise and distortion kept to a minimum (Bezar 201). Data transmission needs a clean circuit with the least possible problems on the line. Various problems can be stopped with equipment such as echo suppressers proper grounding and the elimination of load coils. T1’s should fall within the standard of less than 10-6 errors per bit in order to provide good service. Fiber is becoming popular due to the lack of errors and noise. Fiber doesn’t need as many repeaters and doesn’t provide power do electric induced noise is not a worry. Further more

fiber doesn’t require as much maintenance but it costs more and instillation has to be properly done including good splices and no bends larger than two inches in the wire which will cause attenuation. T1s can be used for analog voice, data command and control, video teleconferencing or anything else that can be transmitted as digital data (Minoli). T1s are often used to link offices or campuses together or to link private networks over short distances. An interconnection can be made between two businesses PBX’s so the telephone system will act like one unit. By doing this cost can be cut with the use of the same outgoing trunk lines. With the demands of larger capacity transmission lines T1s might be the solution to the problem. The technology of fiber, prices of T1s have

already decreased. Users are requiring more bandwidth with the use of video conferencing, connection of networks and the desire for faster service. When choosing what to purchase an assessment of the industry need to be made with all the new advancements planning and implementing something new could be a difficult job.